Brit' Word of the Day....

Today's BWOTD is something you might be offered by a Brit':

"Would you like a brew?"

'A Brew' = a cup of hot tea

Please note that the word brew must be preceeded by an 'a' to mean this, as we also use brew in the usual way too.

When my mum visited recently I realised how far I have come from my British roots. She drank about 3 cups of hot tea a day and it seemed like everytime we got in from a trip out (even in 90+ degrees) she reached for the kettle to make a brew!!

It just blew my mind, I tried to get her onto Iced Tea, but she just wasn't having it - literally! I do still have a mug of good old hot PG Tips every morning when I wake, but generally that is my only 'hot' tea consumption at this time of the year.

Now when Fall and Winter roll in that will probably triple at least, but then I add in herbal teas to warm me up. Still they say hot tea originated in colonial India, where the weather doesn't get much hotter!


Roland Hulme said...

Now, I always thought 'brew' meant beer - so when I was invited aroudn to a mate's flat and he said 'd'ya want a brew, mate?' I was VERY unimpressed with the steaming cup he offered me (I was on the lookout for a Heiniken.)

Anonymous said...

There's nowt like a good cuppa!

Janet said...

I generally have 2 brews (tea) in the morning, I need it to get me kick started. That's usually it in the summer, but in winter I do drink a lot more tea.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Roland! I thought you were a Brit' buddy!?

Jan your brew habits sound similar to mine and Rob - too true :-)