Happy 50th Madge

Madonna reached a big milestone this weekend with her half century, yet she still continues to be 'the' musical icon and breakdown barriers for women. Many people berated her image and said she had no talent, but her longevity and unbeaten record sales have proven them all wrong.

It's 24 years since she burst into the public's awareness with 'Like a Virgin' and her ability to maintain success in one of the toughest industries and re-invent herself for new generations is still amazing.

Happy Birthday Madge, here's to the next 50, I have a feeling you'll still be as flexible and glamourous at 90!


pamokc said...

She's something alright. She like Michael Jackson for me though -- I don't want to like her, yet I can't help myself!

Vickie said...

Madonna, love her...hate her...she will not be ignored. Her tunes from back in the day are my guilty pleasure on my mp3 player.

Janet said...

I still feel that "Borderline" is the best song she ever did, and I can remember precisely where I was when I heard the song the first time. And for me, it's all been downhill from there! ;-)