Mid-week Maladies

Well things are still busy in school this week, but I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I just about have all the pre-enrollment forms in the computer system, everything back signed from parents and about to be filed, all my student transfers completed and the contact details for all students updated in the system.

This year we have started using the SchoolReach system, this allows us to contact all the parents or a specific group with an automated calling system. Basically you can either set a call up online or from your phone, record the message and the system calls all the parents with the message at once. Extremely cool and very helpful for snow days, reminders or emergencies. But this has mean't I have had to totally update every students contact details in our data system and this has been a loooong job, but I am now done.

As for the maladies - well we have a form of 24-hour stomach flu circulating through the school and yesterday they were dropping like flies. I was taking temperatures and calling parents for pick ups, then I had another splinter which required minor surgery, and finally ice packs on a poor girl who fell and slapped her arms hard on the gym floor making them burn! My nursing skills are called upon daily, so it's a good job I did a 3-day First Aiders course back in the UK!

Tonight I ordered an Etch-a-Sketch to keep in my office for child entertainment and I have a soft toy for the little ones to cuddle. After 3 weeks I now know I need some form of entertainment to keep them occupied and quiet when waiting with me!


Janet said...

Sarah, it's "all go" there at your school, isn't it?


Daryl said...

You are one of those wonderful people who takes their job personally ... not that from what I have learned about you is something I didnt/wouldnt expect.

If only the world has more Sarahs and less Millie's (Millie is your polar opposite and someone who I work with .. work being a word she wouldnt recognize .. )


pamokc said...

I loved etch-a-sketch and used to be quite a master back in the day. Love your updates on school life!

Rhea said...

Good idea to have some toys on hand in your office. A little Lego set or something is a good idea too. Or a magna doodle.

We have that phone system in our school. For bad weather days and such.

You sound busy!!!

Sherri said...

Sarah, I picked you to be award the Super Commenter Award-check out my Blog

Linda said...

I am enjoying reading about your daily routine. A school secretary has a lot more duties than the typical secretary! You are a very caring person and the school is lucky to have you, Miss Sarah!