Out of the mouths of babes!

I was kindly given permission by one of our teachers to repeat a conversation she had in the cafeteria with one of her very young students today.

Child - "Why are your legs all blue?"

Teacher - (looking down at her legs) "Oh, those are my veins"

Child - "I don't have those on my legs!"

Teacher - "Yes you have veins too, they're just not as easy to see"

There follows a short lesson on veins, in which she shows him a visible one on the inside of his wrist - to his amazement!

As I said to her "Oh now that'll really make you feel better about your spider veins - not!"


Anonymous said...

Yeah, those pesky "very close veins".

Daryl said...

Kids DO say the darnest things ..


Kay said...

I was just about to write the exact same thing as Daryl. It's true though... I remember the kid's always asking questions that I didn't quite anticipate.

Rhea said...

Don't you love it when little kids point out your BEST flaws. hehe Little kids are good like that.