Summer Garden Highlights

The greatest bargain in my garden. A 97c grass bought from WalMart 15 months ago at about 2 inches tall. It was supposed to only be an annual, but made it through winter and this year is even blooming! I love grasses and this year planted 3 other kinds in different area's, but they seem to do better in the second year if they make it.

The bed under our bay window has really filled out well this year, Sukie also enjoys wandering around the garden with mom.

I have always loved Hosta's and this year they are wonderful and it's so nice not to have to fight the slugs for them, as we do in England!

My Gerbera Daises not only over wintered against the odds but look better than ever in their second year. I have them in a few colours but this is my favourite.

My garden even comes complete with my very own mowing Cowboy!


Mary said...

Sarah, beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing. I have a hosta or two. Which variety is the one in the pic? It's really gorgeous!

Daryl said...

Lovely garden(s) .. my friends in the Midwest rave about their hostas .. me, its all about begonias since they are the only window box plant that seems to like the next to nil sunshine they get


Amanda said...

Why don't you have to battle with slugs for control of your hostas? Is it too hot and dry?

Rhea said...

I want a mowing cowboy! We have mowing Mexicans. :o)

Your yard looks beautiful!! Great job! I love the huge orange gerber as well. It's a well-loved yard.

Sherri said...

Sarah, your garden is beautiful!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Get you green fingers. What a beautiful garden :-)

Anna's Spot said...

I love your yard. It sure is better than our dirt backyard in Tucson. Hope you are doing well.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Sarah, your garden looks fab. I'm so happy to see it. See, folks, you can have a beautiful garden in Oklahoma (in spite of everything.)~~Dee

Wendy said...

Sarah, your flowers look wonderful. What a happy spot.

My thumb is horrendously black. Today, the shrub-works people were here and I asked the man, #1 - what plant is that? and #2 - why does it always look dead? and #3 - am I doing something wrong?

He informed me they were hostas and are ruined by all the direct, intense sunlight against the Indiana stone of the house. Since the house (and shrub work contract) belong to my in-laws, I worried that I wasn't keeping it well enough. Now, I just wish there were more color - now that I've seen your beautiful garden! I would certainly have to have something that required little to no maintenance, so I wouldn't kill the darn plant.