A testing day

It was vision screening day in school yesterday and this is conducted in a room behind my office.

The day didn't start wonderfully as I woke up with headache and feeling sick. This was not a good sign as we have had a few students sick with these symptoms this week and there seems to be something going around. The Principal and another teacher also woke up feeling the same, so we were all holding our breath to see if it developed into the full blown version. Well despite all feeling lousy and headachy all day, I am pleased to report we made it! But it's amazing how quickly sickness starts to spread after school returns. I almost wore the automatic anti-bacterial handwash machine out trying to avoid infection!

It was down to me to keep the nearly 200 kiddo's rolling through the vision screening all day long and this made it a doubly challenging day. We got into a pretty good system and I have to say they were all really good, but it's just tiring keeping them all in alphabetical order, lined up and quiet! Plus answering the phone, dealing with visitors, working on my PC and all my other daily work. We started at 8:30am and finished the last one at 3:00pm....it was a loooong day!

My biggest challenge was stopping them sticking the big sticker they were all given on their faces or their friends. One boy stuck it across his eyebrow and made his eyes water trying to get it back off LOL. I said to him "now you know why girls don't like plucking their eyebrows, so count yourself lucky and leave it on your t-shirt"!

My chair caused alot of discussion amongst the students as they waited. When I got this job I bought myself the same office stool I had in the UK. I have a prolapsed disk in my lower back and this keeps my spine in the perfect position all day long and results in no further problems. But as you can see it does look funny and the students were fascinated. I heard "oooh cool, look at her chair!" or similar quite a few times!

The bandaid count is now 9 for 6! Yesterday I even had to perform surgery with the removal of a metal splinter from a finger! He had been running along the fence with his hand on it, but lots of bravery on his part and tweezers and antibiotic cream on mine, got the job done successfully.


Mary said...

Sarah, you'll be able to write a book after this year in your new position! And it could be hilarious :~)

Daryl said...

I once had one of those wonderful kneeling/sitting stools .. excellent support for lower back issues.

I am going to recommend AirBorne ..you can get it at most Walgreens or whatever the drug/package goods chain is in your area .. its a dissolveable tablet that has all sorts of herbal stuff that keeps colds/sniffles at bay AND if you take it as soon as you feel 'not so hot' it either stops the impending whatever in its tracks or makes its duration shorter. It was actually 'created' by a teacher .. and I swear by it .. Husband who wont take anything for his whatevers will do AirBorne ..

Hoping whatever was trying to get you is gone!


pamokc said...

OOOOH, I'd love to have one of those ergonomic chairs! I'm looking forward to the daily school report too! And well, really, car park is easy enough to figure out, isn't it!!! That is a HOOT.

Amanda said...

When I was teaching it was the dentist visit and school photographs which caused the greatest headaches for our school secretary. Medicals were done in groups over several days so weren't too problematic.