I was in work a whole hour earlier this morning, it was almost dark still when we set off!

Why am I out and about at such an ungodly hour for a Brit' Gal? Because my car is in the dang shop having a small repair made to it (yes I dinged it) and so I am at the mercy of the hubsters hours. And he starts work at no later than 7am everyday, so I was here at 6:50am!! The best part of all is I get to be here until 5pm tonight and then do it all over again tomorrow and Thursday too.

Don't be surprised if by Thursday my posts consist of one line of gobbledy-gook, as a morning person I am not!


Mary said...

That does make for a long work day, Sarah. At least there's an end in sight. Now, is there an interesting story to the ding???

willow said...


Daryl said...

Sigh .. I would feel for you, as I am not a morning person either BUT .. I am in the office by 7:30 every morning ...and I leave here at a few minutes before 5 .. its a very long day ... its saving grace is that its very busy so the time pretty much passes quickly.


pamokc said...

I understand totally about being with your car! It is awful and I hope your baby is home soon.