Did you land here from THE WIDGET!?

If so "Howdy" from a Brit' now in Okieland!

Let me know how you found me and your choices. How cool is this new widget, the first time I tried it I was sent between 2 friends blogs - Daryl and Rob!

To get it for your blog and join the fun go here

If you have no clue what I'm on about, go and click in the centre of my black box over there in the left column.

**30 mins later** That Black Box needs a warning 'Extreme Addiction Likely'! Ha so much for early to bed!


Heather said...

VERY cool widget!!

Ashley Ladd said...

This is very cool. Thanks also for visiting my blog. I'm having a blast and getting NO work done tonight.

I think I chose: cats, cats, fall, werewolf. I honestly can't remember them all.

willow said...

Cool, cool, cool, I've got to have one, too!!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

OMG it's soooo addictive wandering around blogworld via the widget!

Anonymous said...

Step away from the widget.....
You have been pong ponging all over the place! It's such fun isn't it?

Giggle! said...

Hahahaha! No actually! But I did get here from another weird random way!

A stranger came to me with an interesting meme that she created, a meme where you adopt 4 random bloggers from your friends blogrolls!

You were one of 4 boggers that I chose to adopt!

So welcome to my blogroll! Heeeheee!

(Come and read my post if ya wanna know what the hell I’m on about!)

I too have the black boxes widget though! Isn’t it awesome!!? xx

Caroline said...

My widget brought me. So glad that you're having fun with it!