Cal-Jo's crime?

She was caught jumping down from the top of that 6ft fence around the garden on Friday night. It appears she had been for an off-limits wander of the neighbourhood and so for the time being her outdoors time is somewhat restricted!

Feel no pity, she has a huge garden to run in, but decided to roll the dice with the strays and highway instead!


Daryl said...

Ah what a clever way to serve her time .. I hope she learns from this ..

And I have done the MEME .. so come see how quirky I am!


Mare said...

She looks so sad in her 'naughty spot'...She jumped that 6 foot fence?? She must be a young cat!
Thanks for the laugh.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Mare - yes she is just 3, but more to the point she is declawed on the front!

Almost American said...

I had a friend in the UK who had a beautiful pair of Persian cats. The only way she could keep them in the back garden was to put barbed wire along the top of the fence.

The Nice One said...

What a pretty kitty! Oh how naughty they can be!
Congrats on your sauciness.

pamokc said...

Poor CalJo! Poor poor kitty! Maybe she just needed an adventure!

Yes, that was some race today! We finally got to watch it this afternoon. I didn't see any interviews with The Kimster, but am SURE he was NOT happy. Go Lewis, Go Lewis! He keeps forgetting that bit about not being able to pass in F1. ;)