Handbag of the day....Imelda!

Oh deary me ladies, look what sneaked in the door about 10 days ago and joined my other girls! Yep thanks to QVC and it's 5 monthly payment option, I splurged on a 'designer' bag. They were having their D&B show and I resisted for almost the full 2 hours until this classic beauty appeared before my eyes.

I swear I really tried to resist and with their policy I thought I'll just get it here and see what I think. But I was lost the moment I opened the box to see and smell the exquisitely packaged, soft, pliant, rich leather and it's timeless style.

So I just had to name her Imelda, after all my handbag collection is now getting into the same league as her infamous shoe collection!


Kay said...

OK... this is cuuute!

The Antiques Diva™ said...


The shape is classic, big enough to carry all your loot in and the color so hip & current! I've a similar purse in brown (which looks boring in comparison - but it does have rasperry lining to brighten it up) and I love it. Good move!

You watching QVC in the USA made me smile! Believe it or not, I actually order superking bedsheets off QVC website each year and have them shipped to me here in Europe!

Thanks for clarifying in your post on my blog that it was Gage not Chrystal. And by the way, my long lost university roommate and I are now emailing daily thanks to you for making the connection! I'm so happy to have found her again online after all these years!

The Antiques Diva

pamokc said...

Oh my, she is gorgeous and right down my style alley. And I'm sure you can think about how lovely it is and not how bad your toe hurts!!! Good thing I didn't see htis one. QVC+me=$$$$

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Yes QVC can be a dangerous pastime!

Rhea said...

Love Imelda's naming. haha She looks like a nice, solid, straight up purse. hehe