Knackered, but PT evening success

Well literally at the last minute our wonderful telephone engineer got the intercom system up and running.

In the end I went with "Teachers, time for your next appointment please - thank you". Simple, professional, effective apparently....but not as much fun as some of your suggestions! I made a point of using my 'bestest' Brit' accent, the posh clearly enunciated one for maximum effect and impact ;-)

It was interesting though, in the past a bell has been rung every 15 minutes, but we think an actual voice worked better at keeping them moving, as nobody got behind. We also had our best turnout ever, due in part we are sure to using the SchoolReach calling system to remind parents about it.

Anyway, a success, a very long 12-hour day, so I am drinking a hot cup of tea and going to bed with my book, the hubster and 3 cats!


pamokc said...

Oh my! You are earning your wings at the school, aren't you! Even without hearing bells but intercoms instead. (It's a Wonderful Life reference!) ... And taking charge too, good going girl, sounds like you are LOVING IT.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Yes Pam - did I mention I do, LOVE MY JOB!

willow said...

I would love to have been a little mouse there listening to your announcements! :)

Anna's Spot said...

Have a great night Sarah,
Get some sleep and some cuddles in.

Vintage Tea said...

Glad it was a success

Victoria x

Jill said...

Wow - 12 hours... that is an uber long day! Glad it went well. :)