My education starts here!

With the start of September comes my renewed campaign to understand and take seriously the sport of American Football.

You see I now work for the school with the Class C State Champions for 5 years running, so I have to learn to love this sport! This weekend I invested in an 'Indians' supporters magnetic badge for my Mazda and right now I am watching College football on ESPN. I'm really trying people!

Let me explain why it's so hard for a Brit' to love this sport in one word - RUGBY! You see our rugby players don't need all that padding and all those breaks during the game. It's just full on all out war for 40 minutes, with rare stoppages and constant brutal action. We Brit's just like our sport a bit more bloody!

But enough - I am beginning to see all hope is not lost. There are some definite similarities in the games, enough that I am beginning to get an idea of what the devils going on. I am trying to look past all the padding and see the athletes underneath, I am appreciating the catching skills a little more and the finesse of the plays. Ladies I have also noted how cute their buts look with a little padding! ;-)

As they say - I have the team, the shirt, the bumper sticker and now all I need is the knowledge and finally the passion.

So help me out if you're a football fan and share the important/interesting things I need to know to love this sport?

I have 25 days and counting to our first home game.


Expatmum said...

Oh god, I was engulfed with boredom at the very thought. What gets me are the bloody cheerleaders. In this day and age do we really need a group of shrieking females decorating the sidelines of the macho-males?
RE the footballers - My problem was that just when I had figured out who was playing what position, and what they were supposed to do, they all bent over and I couldn't see the numbers on the back of their shirts.

Mary said...

Good luck, Sarah! I follow a pro team because we have one in our state but that's about where it ends. I'm more of a soccer fan. My kids played and I found it more exciting (which not many Americans do).

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Hi Sarah,
As an Okie girl who has moved to Europe, I can tell you that the most exciting thing about my first year living overseas was that there was no NFL! My husband, an avid American football fan, went through major withdrawal our first year overseas, he spent late Sunday nights at an American pub in Paris watching games until insane hours of the morning as an afternoon game in the USA started live 7 hours later here in Europe. Slowly after 8 ½ years of living overseas, he’s faded football out of playing such a central role his life, much to my delight, but his breath still quickens at that first game of the year. He still spends insane amount of hours on the net catching the scores, but I’m no longer a football widow! He has however replaced his love of football with following European soccer matches. He doesn’t even like the game – complains greatly about it – but it fills that testosterone need he has for sport viewing!
The Diva

pamokc said...

1. They get 4 tries (down) to advance ten yards. If they do get 10 yards, they get another 4 tries. If they don't, they have to turn the ball over to the other team.

2. The strategy is in what play to call to try to get the 10 yards. Pass? Run?

3. The defense tries their best to make sure you don't get the 10 yards.

Like baseball, every play has its own strategy. Different strategy for 1 yard versus 10 yards.

I also like how it MUST be a team effort. The Center snaps the ball to the Quarterback. The rest of the line tries to protect him until he passes the ball on to a receiver or a running back. Then they try to protect that person from the defenders.

It is a great game. Find the strategy and I'm sure you will love it.

Re the cheerleaders --- those girls (and guys) are a sport unto themselves these days and the game is a place to showcase it. I love watching their human fireworks.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Pam! I think we need to watch a game the next time we visit.

Diva - your hubster needs to watch a Man Utd game with me if he wants Excitement! We know all about the crazy viewing times thanks to our obsession with Formula One!

Cheerleaders -as a Brit' I have to say "what's not to love"!

Keep the tips and opinions coming

Anna's Spot said...

It has taken me 10years of living in the states and one harden NY Giant fan/ West Virginia Mountaineer fan to like it. I almost understand it. At least I can cheer and boo at the right times now.

Kay said...

Sorry Sarah, I've lived here my whole life and I still don't really truly understand football. My whole family is into football, baseball, soccer, etc. and probably feel there is something deficient in me that I don't care much about it. Sigh....

Janet said...

I didn't think I would miss American football when I moved to the UK, but I do.

I have to say that I'm enjoying rugby more than I would have expected. But as intriguing as rugby can be, I find myself missing the forward pass - you know, one of those BOMBS!


anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

Okay Sarah, you've come to the right girl. What do you really want to know. Yes, there are similarities to Rugby - but you are dead on about Rugby being more cannibalistic. Football has definite rules and there is lots of thought going into planning the plays. Email me with any questions you might have.

pamokc said...

We can watch a game anytime you like! You couldn't grow up in my house without learning the rules of the game. We had to know when the time outs were just so we could cross in front of the TV to go to the restroom. It was SERIOUS business in our house. Daddy would be listening to OU on the radio, while watching another game on TV. Plus my brother played little league all the way up to high school. It is in my blood.

Almost American said...

One of the things I liked about DH is that he has no interest in any kind of football.

I do like watching rugby, and live in hope of finding it on a cable channel that I don't have to pay for.

Smocha said...

I've been American all my life and I still don't understand football.

When forced to watch it...I just look for the cutest guys or the ones with the cutest butts and root for them.

Many women follow this method of football watching. :)

Anonymous said...

I've just now discovered your charming blog. Hope I'm not too late with this post. I understand your confusion _ I've always hated AF but I saw the Super Bowl & got hooked. Here's some sites for you:

Just because AF ballers wear pads does not mean it's not a dangerous sport.Please spread the word to the UK.
Looking forward to many more posts from you.