Oprah freebie for 24 hours

Oprah's show today was on the subject of why men cheat and very interesting for any woman, strong marriage or otherwise.

The show was led by a marriage counsellor who wrote the book featured, Oprah gave him a very strong recommendation even for her. He not only discussed why and the warning signs, but also touched on how to help prevent cheating. Next week there will be a second part on affair proofing your own marriage.

For just the next 24 hours you can download his book for free if you click HERE

I am a member of the 'never say never' camp where life is concerned, this show was interesting and informative even though I believe I have a strong marriage. I will be tuning in next week to see how to ensure temptation never upsets my marriage.

So I thought I'd share this link with y'all, as the author seemed very knowledgable, gave sound advice and we can all probably learn something from him. After all anyone reading this who's married knows it's not all romance and roses everyday, and a good marriage requires hard work to make it these days.


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Coming by way of SITS. Just wanted to stop and say HI

Mom/Mum said...

Found you via Almost American. Hello. I'll be back esp as am a fellow Brit Girl in the USA

Kay said...

Marriage definitely requires work and communication. I've been married 34 years and it's not all a bed of roses but worth its weight in gold.
Just wanted to tell you I like that new photo of you on your sidebar.