Thank you

Tonight we popped over to our local ACE Hardware and bought some special Adhesive Remover, made for laminate floor glue and a scraper. Tomorrow night we will be having another adhesive full frontal attack and I will let you know whether we emerge victorious!


Anonymous said...

I've restored a few floors with residual glues and adhesives.

The solvent will probably work - if you use lots of it. But vent the room but not with an electrical fan - their motors spark and the solvent is very flammable. You will need special filter masks for volatile chemicals - the cheap paper ones won't work.

I'm guessing from the photo but you might need a heavy duty stripper - the kind for removing paint from furniture. This is usually is methylene chloride - again a powerful chemical needing venting, rubber gloves, goggles, etc. But it's the strongest stripper made. If you can't find this - try the strippers made of citrus products (smells like oranges).

Once that's done, you will need to neutralize the the residual chemicals in the wood - sanding isn't enough... every product should say what will do this.

Finally, do the sanding.

btw, here via the Black Box.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Thanks for this information, it does say non-flammable on the tin, but we will be very careful with ventilation, sparks etc. We also only plan on doing a small area at a time.

Jill said...

Wow - please do tell us how it all turns out!