Brit' Gal definition of a CRISIS!

I am dying of thirst for hot tea and awaiting the UPS man with my Amazon overnight replacement, with great impatience!


Anonymous said...

Of all the things you've had to cope with this past week this is just too much!

I'm so upset for you I think I'll have to have a cuppa to calm down.

Daryl said...



Janet said...

A mug of water in the microwave? A pan of water on the stove?

I KNOW you're used to having a kettle, but there ARE other ways to boil water, Sarah! Come on - be creative!


(American electric kettles are VERY slow, aren't they?)

willow said...

Well, I see you posted this at 11:11...what is this telling me?! I use a kettle on the stove and have never actually seen a nifty one like yours.

Your "new" wood floors like so nice, BTW.

Stuart Peel said...

Oh my God !!! Call the police, or the fire brigade. That, is a disaster that only a fellow ex-pat can truly understand.

I had to search for WEEKS in Spain to buy a kettle. The crazy sods don´t even use them here !

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

You folks are just too funnym- Daryl!! I was almost shocked lol.

Willow - that's actually my dining table, not my floor!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Janet - you're not serious right! The hubster mentioned the microwave and I just laughed at him. A Brit' needs a kettle!

GoneBackSouth said...

Hello from a Brit girl who nearly was in the USA ... my husband is from Boston. I've never seen a kettle with a US plug on it - it's a happy sight. My US relatives boil water for tea on the hob or in the microwave (shudder). Hope your new ones arrives soon.

And p.s. Anyone who gets Daryl to say Bollocks must have some serious sway.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

LOL! Although not a Brit, I am a tea-a-holic as evidenced by the stash of British tea in my cabinet. I use a kettle on the stove, and I would agree that this is a crisis of huge proportions.~~Dee