Have you seen Eli?

We love the show Eli Stone, it's so original, well acted and written. We're also really pleased it survived to a second season and hope it's the first of many to come. We think it might be an excellent replacement for Boston Legal, which is sadly in its final season.

If you haven't seen it, we'd highly recommend it and I understand it's also on in the UK. Nice to see a Brit', Johnny Lee Miller (Mr 'Ex' Angelina Jolie) playing a good guy for a change too!


Anonymous said...

Oh we love this show. PVRed it tonight for viewing tomorrow - been watching our elections tonight - yawn!

pamokc said...

Dang I just left a great comment and it disappeared! Anyway, I've watched some of this show and think I've missed enough to not know what is going on. But JLMiller is adorable. ADORABLE. Isn't he one of those Brits who do American accents? Am pretty sure he is. I am almost positive he was in Trainspotting.

Meanwhile, how about those Flamenco dancers on DWTS???? WOOHOO!

JW said...

I DO like this show but just started watching recebtly. Think I need to rent the last season and get caught up on all the characters!

Winifred said...

Thanks for the recommendation Sarah. I'll keep an eye out for this.

It hasn't made it onto terrestial TV yet here and it doesn't look like it's on the Freeview satellite channels either. I haven't seen it advertised and normally if a show is coming htey run the trailers.

I'll have a look at Sky tonight at my daughter's house to see if I can see it there. Nice to find out about a programme in advance.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Pam & JW - here's a fast catchup. Eli kept having prophetic visions due to a brain aneurism. Most of them indicated to him he should take a case that seemed unwinnable. That's how he ended up running the pro-bono dept. His brother is a brain surgeon, they are close and he now dates Eli's first love. The tall blonde is the daughter of the boss and was Eli's fiance until she decided he was losing it. Now she's with that other attorney. His boss, who he saved last night, finally believes in his visions after suspending him. The chinese guy is a Dr of chinese meds and he went to him for help with the visions. George Michael kept appearing in his early visions and there's alot of song and dance because of this.

Pam - yes JLM was in trainspotting as the lead.

JW - we are going to buy the first season, it was that good!

dabrah said...

The first season has just started here, and I've seen the first three episodes. They're brilliant. I'm glad to hear that it continues to be good, and that there is a second season.

Anonymous said...

We love Eli Stone! And I have to add that with each new episode it's getting easier and easier to say good-bye to Denny Crane. He is really getting on my nerves with the limp biscuit gags. Enough already!