My first and last book fair

Well after the week from hell for me, and all the teachers struggling to deal with kids over-excited about the book fair, it was agreed we won't be doing it again.

We ended up beating last year by an additional $500, but as our Principal said the cost/stress to all of us was just too much. At one point today as I did the lunch count I actually thought I might pass out, I was feeling that sick and stressed. But I made it, had to take a beta blocker for the first time in a few months and I have an unbelievably red nose.

Apparently one of the Kindergartners was quite upset after seeing me and kept asking his teacher is Miss Sarah going to be okay! We were all worn to a frazzle and agreed we can earn just as many free books from the Book Orders program, hold a fundraiser, or get donations easily from our very supportive community. And none of these at the cost of our health and sanity!

To be honest for me I had reached the point where it was either: A) another book fair or B) new secretary!!

So next week is our homecoming and will without doubt be a whole lot more fun for all :-)


Mary said...

I'm glad your side won out over the book fair! Good luck with the Homecoming festivities.

Vintage Tea said...

So glad to hear the book fair stress won't be repeated


Bella Foxx said...

Our homecoming is this weekend. This is Fred's first year marching!

Anonymous said...

Well done for making it through the week. Now rest up and get well.

Wendy said...

What a week! Hope next week goes a lot better. I remember loving book fairs, but only had to participate inthe work end a few times. Bless you for living through all this.

soulbrush said...

secretaries in schools are angels (having been a teacher for 40 years i know!)!!!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling less than top notch.

Regarding the book fair for next year. Three letters: P.T.A.