Wouldn't you be proud?!

If you're 16 year old daughter wanted to marry in this $30,000 bit of a dress, looking like a drag queen, and that's probably an insult to drag queens!

Well her parents were, in fact they were so proud they shelled out $200,000 on her wedding to her 17 year old boyfriend. The daughter left school at nine years old and her stated ambition is to be a glamour model. Brit's reading this can probably instantly tell who she idolises just by her look. And I think she may have received a 'boob job' as a Christmas gift in the past!

Despite being able to afford the wedding, her parents are actually 'travellers'. They live in a caravan or trailer home, except they move theirs around for a few months each year, as Dad goes from area to area laying driveways.

So if you ever wondered if the term 'trailer trash' was uniquely American, wonder no more. Britain also has it's fair share!

The happy couple even received a $36,000 caravan/trailer from her parents as their wedding gift. Ain't life sweet for some sixteen year olds! I also think this is a prime example of why many of the youth of today have seriously misguided ambitions, attitudes to work and lack of general respect for themselves or anyone else.


Mare said...

Unbelievable! What is money to them? And she looks ridiculous, besides.

Daryl said...

How is it she doesnt tip over?


Almost American said...

There's a lot of prejudice against travellers. Despite the stereotype, there are some who earn a legitimate living! Given that they don't have rent or mortgages to pay, it makes sense that they have the cash for fancy caravans and expensive weddings. Schools aren't exactly accommodating to their lifestyle so it's no surprise the kids leave school early.

OTOH,I'd disown my daughter if she wanted to get married in a dress like that - at any age!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought that was Amy Whinehouse! ;)

Anonymous said...

*Sigh* See, money is no substitute for class or breeding!

Winifred said...

Maybe she's saying:
Does my bum look big in this?

You'd have to say:
Yes pet, it's ginormous!

Kay said...

Oh good grief!