Can't believe I am showing you these!

My roots!!

Why you may I ask am I revealing to the blogging world, my very unblonded roots. Well today is going to be a 'day for change' at my hairdressers!

Back in July I had the bad hair day to beat them all and 5 hours later (yep you read that right) I emerged traumatised for life. I went to my hairdressers to have some lowlights put in to tone down the blonde and she turned me an unexpected shade of pale pink. This was then followed by two attempts to correct the mess, 4 hours later I emerged with distinctly patchy colour and totally knackered hair after major over processing.

Did I mention this all happened the day before my mum landed from England, when I was short on time and stressed getting ready!

Since then I have spent a small African nations rice budget on hair restructurisers! They worked and two months ago my new hairdresser (yep I changed!) gave me the okay to have highlights again. But we agreed to let the back and sides grow out and just do the top layer, thereby gradually breaking up the blonde.

Well with the fierce Okieland sun beating down on me, the blonde has just got blonder and finally I have had enough. So today I am taking the drastic step of having the whole lot coloured back closer to my natural colour - light brown.

Now I may not be a natural blonde, but I am most definitely blonde in many other ways (no blonde jokes please) and so this is a big step for me. After my previous bad experience, I am more than a little nervous and also unsure exactly what colour I will end up!

But I have almost grown out the colour everywhere but the top layer and I think it's time to give my hair a well deserved rest. Lucky for me I have always been blessed with exceptionally thick hair, even after all the stress it's gone through!

So the plan for today is a return to a darker more natural looking colour, then in a few months a gradual addition of lowlights. Well those are in addition to a few natural 'highlights' I have spotted in the top picture, being 42 has its own pitfalls!

So here's the 'before' shot and tomorrow we'll all get to see if I am pink all over again!


Lawstude said...

you're 42? wow, you sure look much younger. have a nice day.

Mary said...

Good luck, Sarah! :-)

R.A.D. Stainforth said...

You should never forget your roots.

willow said...

Hey, at least your roots aren't grey like mine!! And you have the greatest skin, BTW! :^)

Linda said...

Good Luck! I decided after several years to have my hair colored (again) and emerged from the shop 3 hours and 3 different colors later in a daze and wondering if I would ever be the same person again! Everyone assured me the color would grow out in no time...not a good feeling when you step out of the hair salon into the real world. *LOL*

Srg said...

i agree with lawstude - you look way younger than 42! Good luck at the hairdresser's! Can't wait to see the "after" shot.

Anonymous said...

I just had a similar experience.
After my hairdresser quit I took the chance and went to a different salon hoping to save money. The girl there did not listen to me when I told her to use an ash color. The color she used instead pulled red and she could not get it to match the rest of my hair. Two processes later I still had red roots. To top it off when I got home I realized one side of my hair was shorter than the other. I was furious and refused to return to get it fixed since I had already been at the salon for 3 hours.
So yesterday I went back to my old salon and had the color fixed (it looks great now) and basically had all those sun bleached ends chopped off. Hair looks great now and feels wonderful.

Can't wait to see you after photo.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Sarah, and hurry back to show and tell.

Daryl said...

Sarah... you are so pretty I doubt anyone considers your hair color.. but I will tell you this .. my hair before it went silver was BLACK .. ebony .. and one spring when I was in my late teens I decided to go blonde .. after touch ups every 6-8 weeks my scalp was sore but I had an appt to get it done before a wedding I was attending in mid-Sept.

Long story shorter .. my hair turned GREEN .. and then they stripped all the color out and dyed it brown .. hideous ... several weeks later I went to get highlights put in and every hair on my head broke off about 1/2 inch above the root! Took me months for it grow out of the 'pixie' cut we had to do to get me presentable enough to go to that wedding...

I have never put anything stronger than clear henna in my hair since ..

I am sure the brownette shade that you choose will look SMASHING!


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Lawstude - I will now after that comment!LOL

R.A.D - very funny and true :-)

Willow - thank you to my paternal grandma for that blessing

Linda - I understand, I got the same comment!

Melissa - thank you for the encouragement and glad you got yours fixed.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Daryl - OMGG!! I might have been tempted to sue! I happen to think you have totally fabulous hair now.

Sandi McBride said...

Hey, I'm just impressed you can remember what your natural hair color is...and isn't lawstude just a doll baby, lol?

Expat mum said...

I thought I was reading my journal! Years back I decided I wanted to go a strawberry blonde, as opposed to blonde. It turned pink and I had to go through various "steps" to get it back to blonde. This included rinsing it brown which I thought I might fancy, but I looked like a vampire.
Just recently I have had all the light blonde cut out and am embracing the natural darker blonde (which looks very dark when it's not washed). To be honest, not many people have noticed, but as one gets older, it's meant to be kinder.
Looking forward the piccy.

pamokc said...

You are scaring me here! I remember when it happened to you very well. Such trauma~ Fingers crossed for a good experience this time around!

Jill of All Trades said...

Good luck. What an awful experience. I don't know if I could let anything grow out on me. If I did I would look my age and we can't have that.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Very exciting stuff! I am anxious to see how you look as a brunette. I am sure it must be fun being blond. Never have I taken a leap like that.