I have a confession to make!

And it's something that has not changed throughout my life, it's just a constant I can't seem to change.

Despite pretty much always having a job that involved administration in some part, my desk at home is always a mess!

The picture above was taken a few weeks ago. This week it was piled much higher than this, until the Hubster finally put his cowboy boot down (which you don't mess with!) and now it's immaculate, kinda!

These drawers might look like they are there for papers that are organised. But the only thing organised about these papers is, I know I need to keep them, so they get filed (shoved) in there!

Now flip to the picture below.....this is my work desk. Please note the immaculately organised filing systems on the desk and to the right side. Although you can't see into it, the bookcase on the left is equally well-organised and tidy.

I am totally fanatical about my desk at work being uncluttered and clear, especially as people walk into the office all the time.

I have a theory on why I have always been a clean desk fanatic at work, and basically a desk slut at home!

Because just like the chef who doesn't cook at home, I am the administrator who doesn't do paperwork at home. It's just a little too like bringing my work home. The Hubster however, fails to be sympathetic to this theory!


Daryl said...

OH I suffer the same issues ..l here at the office everything is neat and organized to the nth degree .. at home even the dust is disorganized ... sigh .. piles of papers waiting (forever) to be filed away ..

I decided its a sign of genius ..

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Snippety Gibbet said...

I am impressed that you can keep the one at work tidy. I have never ever ever had a tidy workspace. I was a secretary years ago, and tidy paper was just beyond me.

flyingdi said...

HaHa - you take after me darling daughter!! I think your theory may well be spot on - I was always efficient & tidy at work too. After all the clearing out I've done here just maybe I shall have the beautifully organised desk I yearn for like you - Mum xx Happy thanksgiving Day to all your blogging friends.

Leslie: said...

When I worked in an office, I was just like you, but when I went back to teaching...well, you can just imagine the clutter! I'd just shove things in my desk drawers and there'd be papers piled high on the desk in among all the flowers, plants, and other doodads that the kids would give me. At home, my desk tends to get a bit cluttered, but then I clean it up all at once when I start to sneeze from the accumulated dust everywhere. lol

Vickie said...

Dude! You gotta have a release somewhere! Be it a messy desk or whatevah...
My DH is the same. I have learned to curb my messy habits..sort of. I have stacks or I have many many bags in various places to store my schtuff. Then I go on a bender and clean and purge.

Smocha said...

Ha! I have that same filing system. it drives my husband bonkers. I can't help myself.

T Town Tommy said...

Hehe mine is a mess too, my husband thought it would help buying me a bigger desk, now I have more room to pile stuff.

At least when you leave town your husband doesn't clean your office for you. Mine does and it takes weeks to find anything when I get back. I keep telling him creation is a messy process :)


Bella Foxx said...

I read somewhere that clutter helps relieve stress.

Winifred said...

Oh I never had a clean desk at work. I had one of those signs saying " a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind".

Mine wasn't the worst though, my desk adjoined another woman's and every now and then the piles of stuff on her desk would get so high they would fall over onto mine! She had the floor covered too, you couldn't move. She did make me feel better about mine though.

Kay said...

I must say, your work office is fantastic. I like to try to keep my office at home clean and neat. My husband has his own system. He leaves things all over the place so he can pick it up when he thinks about it. That's why we have our own home offices. His is smaller than mine. I don't want him to have too big a surface area because he'll just fill it up. And yes, like you, his work office was neat and tidy since he was an administrator and would have to set an example.

Wendy said...

Oh how I wish I could manage to have a clean and tidy desk. There is always something piled on it (and on the kitchen table, alas). My hubby is one of those immaculate kind of people, but he has been very patient lately, since I am dealing with three children (two of whom trash the house on an hourly basis).