So you think your traffic's bad!

Yes I finally made it back to the lake to retake my pictures I lost in the PC crash! More pictures tomorrow for My World Tuesday, in the meantime this made me chuckle.

There were many times on the M25 back in Blighty, I was stuck there so long this could have been me, or maybe even you now?!


Stuart Peel said...

I've bought worse cars than that, including a Hillman Avenger that makes the car in your photo look quite tidy.

pamokc said...

Girl, I can identify. Enter the
M25 at your own peril. We're ready for curry on Wednesday!!!

Sherri said...

I'm glad Sarah you were able to get back to the Lake and take more pics. I felt so bad when you said you lost all those pics in the PC crash! I hope you got some really good ones!

Leslie: said...

What a fantastic shot, Sarah! I wish I could have seen it for myself.

Daryl said...

Oh I am so glad you got to do this and I love this shot .. I am betting this time the pix will be even better than before! Lovely sunshine to take them in too!



Rhea said...

Oh, no. I'm sorry you lost photos in a PC crash!! Sounds like a bad, bad experience.