7 things I do now

Continuing with the 7 things meme, this week it's 7 things I do now:

1. Battle with Graves Disease and right now it’s really becoming a battle again! For the 3rd time since diagnosis I am swinging into Hypothyroidism again, which is where everything slows down drastically. The past week I have been experiencing a rollercoaster ride with my blood pressure and this in turn stresses me! The last few months have been great as I was in normal range, but now I am tired, anxiety is creeping back in, I have no oomph and just feel low at times. Thoughts of possible surgery have even crossed my mind this past week, as being on this constant rollercoaster gets old fast.

2. Weightwatchers – because being hypo’ again also means weight gain, so I am back on the plan once again! I prefer to follow it online, as the meetings are 30mins drive from me and I also prefer the online set-up.

3. Look forward to Christmas, which is without doubt my favourite time of the year by far. Love the weather, the food, the socialising, the decorations – just love it all.

4. Blog, as a few of you may have noticed! It’s interesting to see how my blog post numbers have dropped though since I have gone back to full-time work, but I still enjoy maintaining my blog daily. I can’t believe I have now been doing this for 10-months!

5. Drink a lot of hot tea. My consumption always goes up with the cooler weather, but this year even more so after the tea shortage I had to endure for over a month! I have PG Tips in the morning and Earl Grey the rest of the day.

6. Hope fervently that President Obama will be able to bring about the changes he promised. And that the optimism his election has generated persists and people give him time. I think the whole world is ready for a change and a new style of government.

7. Continue to get frustrated with the American ‘lack’ of a healthcare system and wish someone would come up with a workable solution, that means people can afford proper healthcare without fear of bankruptcy.


Mare said...

Your thoughts are always interesting to read, Sarah. Just a thought[and you probably know this], in reference to your blood pressure, when you breathe in thru your nose and exhale out thru your mouth slowly like you are blowing out a small candle, it lowers your blood pressure. And also calms you, too. And it can be done quietly without being noticed. I'm currently trying to get an RA flare under control. And may your holidays be stress free!!

willow said...

Yes, especially on number seven!

(I'm hypo...ick)

pamokc said...

Nothing worse than being hypo. But Surgery, what surgery, tell me what you are thinking. I'm proof that you can get along well with daily replacement, but my issues are different than yours. Let's **discuss**!

Janet said...

I'm sorry to read that you are feeling ill again, and hope things improve soon.

I'm totally in agreement with you about American healthcare. They need to get rid of all these bottom feeding insurance companies, and come up with a more centralised system that is fairer to all.

Expat mum said...

Very sorry to hear about the flare-up. I can't imagine living with something like that.
Totally with you on the health care stuff. My uncle in England is currently in intensive care on the NHS and you could not fault the care he is receiving. When people go on about "socialism" in Europe, they should take a closer look.
There's a brilliant piece in Time (I think) magazine this week comparing the US health statistics to the rest of the world. Not only are Americans (us) paying more for everything, they are less healthy in general and don't live the longest.

Sandi McBride said...

Sarah, I was so sorry to hear about your Graves situation...I hope that your life will be back to normal soon, my friend! Just as soon as the holiday season is over, I'm putting Mac and myself on a diet. I want to lose about 20 pounds and Mac needs to lose that much too...funny how men lose weight faster than women..well, not funny haha...funny odd! Hope your Christmas preps are going smoothly!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Hypothyroid here too, though my meds keep me mostly in line. Sorry to hear about the Graves. That's pretty crumby.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Mare - thanks for the tip and I was aware of it and use it. Wishing you well with the RA flare-up.

Pam - partial thyroidectomy and not even sure it's viable with me having the eye disease. But I planned on chatting about your experience when we stay with you.

Snippety Gibbet said...

As if you don't have enough to do......... here's a blog you might enjoy: http://middleschoolsecretary.blogspot.com/

I just came upon it and it was pretty interesting. You might relate to what happens in the office where she works. Even though she is middle school, the problems seem to be about the same as those we encounter. jan

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Sarah, I've been reading your blog for several months and thoroughly enjoy it. Thought it was time to say Hello. Hope you feel better soon.

irielle said...

I just found your blog via a tea blog, and I was sorry to read about your struggles with Graves Disease. It took me about three years to get a diagnosis, treatment, then get off the hyper/hypo roller coaster. I wish you all the best with getting the right balance for your body.