7 things I say most often

Still going with the '7 things' meme:

  1. "Let's see, what was I going to say..?" due to being in my forties and memory loss having landed!
  2. "Sooo" for some unknown reason I have just trailed off some of my sentences with this word for years!
  3. "Good morning/afternoon, ........... Elementary School, Sarah speaking"
  4. "Love you" to the Hubster whenever we speak on the phone
  5. "Come here and let me take your temperature" - a hazard of being the school nurse/secretary. I am on my 4th pack of thermometer ear shields already this school year!
  6. "Who was that?" due to my problem remembering names!
  7. "Have you cleaned the cat litters recently?", as the Hubster and I take it in turns and we have two!


Lawstude said...

nice to know funny things about you. anyways, have a blessed christmas to you and your love ones... from my islands to yours.

Daryl said...

Happy Merry Joyous Everything to Everyone!


East Anglian Troy said...

I finish a lot of my spoken sentences with "and...." then lose complete track of what I'm talking about.

My best Christmas Wishes to you and the the Hubster.

I look forward to following your adventures in Okieland in 2009.

Stuart Peel said...

Happy Xmas Sarah. Have a nice one.

Expat mum said...

I'm afraid mine tends to be "Bloody Hell". Perhaps a 2009 resolution to stop?
Have a great Xmas.

Janet said...

Hi Sarah, I just wanted to stop by and wish you and the hubster a very Happy Christmas.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sarah---George and I always say "Love You" to each other---although it sometimes comes out "Wubbie You."

Merry Merry Christmas to you and the Hubster.

Mmm said...

Love it. How true number one is!!