My 12 loves of Christmas #9


Yep I am still a big kid at heart and always get excited the closer it gets to the big day. We wrap our gifts and place them under our tree or in our stockings as they're ready. So there's always a pile of temptation calling me to poke and prod on the sly.

I was even worse as a child, giving everything a good feel and shake whenever I was left alone in range. My brother and I would wake at ungodly hours on Christams morning, the earliest being 3:30am one year, and dive on the stockings at the end of our beds.

It got to be such a pain for our parents, that putting our stockings within easy reach and a few gifts, on the condition we didn't wake anyone else, was a workable compromise.

The Hubster loves to tease me, in fact he gets as much fun out of that as he does giving gifts! Still, I firmly believe we all need to keep a little bit of the kid in us for a happier life.

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Stuart Peel said...

Did you know that in Spain, they don´t give their pressies until the 6th of January ?