My 12 loves of Christmas

It's now 12 days until Christmas, so I thought I'd do my own little meme each day leading up to it.

12 things I love about Christmas, my favourite time of the year.....

#1 The Decorations

If you haven't already realised this about me, I am a big lover of everything glittery, sparkly, colourful and twinkly. I am the woman who keeps coloured fairy lights (party lights to the Americans) strung up in my kitchen year round. Every room in my home is a different colour, and I mean colour, not shades of cream.

The Hubster has a total 'mare at this time of the year with me impulse buying yet more Christmas decorations. I am the human equivalent of a magpie, if it sparkles I am drawn to it! I also love to drive around at night and look at other people's Christmas lights.

This year I have gone for 'understated' decorations in the house, just fibre-optic tree's and a few well placed glittery decorations. Here's one of my faves from Pier One.


Kay said...

I happen to love glittery too. Your understated glittery is also very classy beautiful.

NFAH said...

I'm not sure (as an American) that I would know what you meant by "party lights" as to me they were always "Christmas lights" but leaving them up year-round was acceptable!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Ooooooooooh, I love that wreath. And doncha LOVE Pier 1??????????

Winifred said...

Very pretty. Pier has gone into administartion and is closing down here.