Do you?

There I was trawling my fave blogs, with QVC on in the background, when I wondered who else out there watches QVC?

I used to watch it a bit back in the UK and make a few purchases and I still do now. I remember when I first discovered it, it was addictive and I could happily pass a few hours and batter my poor credit card.

These days I have it well under control and I only tend to turn it on when I just fancy some background easy viewing, or there's a product on I really like. Maybe it's because we are far in distance from great shopping here, but many of my local friends also shop from QVC. In fact we will often admire things we have, only to be reveal it was from "QVCCC"! There's no denying they get original stuff you don't see in stores and offer good deals at times.

The Hubster gets most worried when they have the handbags/purses on, like Dooney & Bourke! Sadly for him they haven't yet come up with a parental control just for QVC ;-)

Whoever thought of combining TV and shopping, was a genius and is now probably a very wealthy one too!

Here's my all time fave QVC purchase, my Tiffany style table lamp bought about 3 years ago, I just love it.

So do you QVC too and especially the men out there, as I get the impression it's more of a female thing?


Vintage Tea said...

I buy a lot of beauty products off QVC... my aunts introduced me (they're complete addicts!!). I find it helpful to see how to use the products and safe in the knowledge if it doesn't work as it says you can return to it even if used.

I've brought the odd craft item and Yankee Candles are a fave too.

Victoria x

Daryl said...

Oddly, I have only recently bought from QVC and it was online not on TV ... BUT many many Sunday mornings I watched the Silver show ... never bought a single thing! My sister and my late mother both loved to shop QVC, sister still does ... I will say this about them .. excellent customer service. My sister got us a DVD player a few years ago .. it took Husband a month to unpack and set it up only to discover it didnt work and the company's customer service was unresponsive to both phone calls (voice mail only!) and emails .. so I called QVC and they said send it back to us .. free return shipping and they credited sister's CC!

Love the lamp

And I LOVE your new photo . .great frames!

cathylovesitaly2 said...

Hi, I can't believe my first comment to you is about QVC, by the way I love your blog! I haven't bought anything from them in years, but I do on occassion put it on for background noise. Have you ever seen the woman who has the blog relating to all of the home shopping channels?


Mare said...

I am a longtime QVC'er, and in a funny kind of way. I don't really watch the show, but in viewing the scrolling TV guide, if QVC looks interesting I will pop in to see. I have to say that they are well versed in demonstrating the product that they are showing. You never get that from a store these days. I have bought an HD 37 in TV and it was great not having the ordeal of finding someone with a truck to help get it home from a store. I bought a recliner, too, when channel surfing in the search of something to watch. So, if I see 'Problem Solvers' or 'Back by Popular demand' I stop in to browse. Items from 'Cooking with Bob' are certainly safe from selling out from a purchase from me. Customer service has always been great. I give it a definite thumbs up even though I don't 'watch it-watch it!'

pamokc said...

Oh yes, both QVC and HSN. I have succumbed to the phenomenon known as Huggable Hangers on occasion. My computer back-up unit thingie came from QVC too. I do read reviews on their websites though to be a little more informed before purchasing. It's so bad that I know almost all the names of the presenters. I don't buy much but ... sometimes.... something is just too good of a bargain to pass up!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I've not purchased anything in the past few years, from QVC, although I love most of their products.
My first purchase was also a Tiffany-style lamp, and then a Thomas Kinkade lamp, and then a set of Old Country Rose (Royal Albert), teapot and cups and saucers, and then......oh well you know how it is ;)
Lovely lamp !

Gaelyn said...

It's a beautiful lamp. Never shopped on TV or QVC. I kind of like to touch things and most often buy second hand. Plus don't think my budget could handle it.

Winifred said...

What a gorgeous lamp.

I've only seen QVC as I flick throught the channels, well if I ever get hold of the clicker!

All I've seen them selling are kitchen and electrical gadgets. Must have a look to see if there are any Tiffany lamps.

Like your new photo too and the darker hair. Really suits you.

Sandy said...

What a beautiful lamp.
I used to shop quite a bit on QVC - beauty, cooking, clothes, and jewelry. Then I backed way off over the past few years, only recently have I flipped it on to see what was happening. They do have some great deals from time to time. I have picked up a few goodies at their outlet store.

Yogi said...

Great lamp.
Nope, never even watched QVC or home shopping either one. My deadly sin is the ipod music store and ebay. So easy and addictive.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your impression is quite correct. That channel with inane prattling just annoys me. I do my shopping online where I can go directly to what I want and not listen to ramblings about stuff I don't want.

Peggy said...

I found your blog on Kay's page and I'm glad that I decided to visit! I also live away from good shopping malls and I will admit here that I have shopped with QVC and I still do. There I said it....my extended family thinks it stupid and that QVC is just trinkets and trash! So I tend to be discrete about my purchases and I rewrap anything that i might by for my brother and his family in different wrappings

paddy said...

It is indeed a very nice lamp!

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

Hi Sarah,
Great lamp!
I used to watch QVC sometimes in the UK and have some very funny memories of when Joan Rivers was on there selling her jewellery!
I used to watch it just to hear her slagging everyone off! haha
I remember she called our very own Kate Winslet "a very tired and overweight 24 year old" bloody cheek! who's winning the Oscars now?!
All the best,
Donnie X

Susie of Arabia said...

I love your lamp! And green is my favorite color - it's just beautiful!

Queen Bea said...

It is definitely more of a "girl thing," but not exclusively. Men get in on the action during the electronics, coins, NASCAR (can't relate to that one!), and sports stuff shows.

There are great deals to be had (especially with the makeup kits), but you have to watch out for the "stinkers." :-)