In 2009 I will....

  • Write something fictional every single day without fail. Whether it be a few paragraphs, a short-story, or a full chapter of that book I have always intended to write.
  • Take my vitamin supplements without fail daily.
  • Reduce the sugar I eat even more.
  • Get on my treadmill and walk daily WHATEVER!
  • Take meditation & relaxation more seriously.
  • Pray more and appreciate my many blessings better.

That's it for my resolutions, do you have any?



Kay said...

Sigh......... It's the same every year. Exercise, exercise, exercise. I somehow cannot seem to get myself to do it enough. My poor husband has to constantly drag me out to walk each evening.

Have a terrific new year in your beautiful house with your beautiful Hubster, Sarah!

Mmm said...

Happy New Year Sara!

Love your list. All good. No, I don't have any resolutions but you make me want to!

Vintage Tea said...

Happy New Year!

Victoria x

Mary said...

Happy New Year, Sarah!

MikeH said...

I made a New Year's Resolution to give up making New Year's Resolutions. It's the only one I have kept.

Happy New Year!

Lynette said...

You are so motivated
I plan on relaxing and letting the rest of me go to pot.
LOL not that bad but just have said I'm tired of trying to be what I am not. Come visit and enter my 100 things give away. I came to see you via Rhea at Texas Word Tangle.
Hope you are adjusting to the states.

Jill of All Trades said...

I decided Not to do resolutions this year as they are usually the same every year but I have signed up for some writing classes and painting classes. I'm proactive this year!

George said...

Happy New Year, Sarah. I need to join you in that resolution to exercise no matter what. It's so easy to find something else to do instead!

Linda said...

Happy New Year! I like your resolutions, but I am terrible at making and keeping them myself.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good for you Sarah.. Hope you can look at this list in Dec., 2009 and say that you achieved them all. For me, In 2009 I will vow NOT to make a resolution. In lieu of that, I will do my best to continue being healthy and happy.
Happy 2009.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Happy New Year Sarah, I'm still working on my own resolutions :-)

Gaelyn said...

Good luck with that. And be carefull speeding.

Welcome to 2009!

Anonymous said...

Well done on the list and good luck with the follow through.

Years ago I resolved not make New Year resolutions ever again, so far so good!

Daryl said...

Not a resolution maker but I am going to try not to stress SO much


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I definitely need to try and write more as well....you know, fiction writing at least! lol


Winifred said...

Well I've stopped writing New Year resolutions down so that when I look back at the end of the year, it won't be what I haven't achieved but all the things I have. Positive thinking or what!