AI Yawn!

Boooring - this was such a monotonous American Idol tonight with only two exceptions for us and so they are getting all our votes.

Until Nick/Norm quite literally crawled on we were just about comatose! Sure he may have been more about entertainment than singing, but there is a big voice in there and he highly entertained us - I mean falling on the floor laughing. I think if 'Sanjiya' (season 6) can get so far on just great hair, then Nick can do the same with way more talent. We're still loving him and suspect America might prove Simon very wrong and put him through.

But they definitely saved the best for last, Adam was electric, indeed manic at times...but still 10 x better than the rest! He looks great, I think he has Elvis going on, the Hubster thinks David Cassidy. Amazing voice with incredible range, professionalism and real stage presence, he's going far.

Biggest disappointment of the night was Jasmine and the rest of the girls, with the exception of Alison who was just okay IMHO.


kmwthay said...

Sarah -
I didnt get to watch tonight, its my LAST night of class. But thank you for the update!

Now lets get to serious business...
What are you thinking about 24??
I think this season is shaping up to be pretty good. I am feeling weary of Tony though. I just have a sick feeling he may just turn out to be a baddie.

But can I just say how excited I get when I see old characters make an apperance. Like when Alan came to get the president's daughter... My heart smilied.

What are your thoughts?

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Hi Kim,

Trust me, you didn't miss much!

24 - yep we are loving it so far this season, back to it's old form. We also both got over-excited on seeing Alan again, love it when they bring the old characters back. If only they could raise President Palmer from the dead!!

The President is a little irritating and unrealistic I think, but she's not detracting from it yet. As for Tony, I sooo want him to be good again, but like you have my suspicions. We are loving it to date and can't wait for the 2-hr special on Monday. BTW still find Chloe as annoying with her facial expressions as ever!

kmwthay said...

Ugh - Chloe. It's funny - her character totally bothers me, and I am beyond bothered by the fact that last week they showed her saying good bye to her husband?? And she has a baby now??? I feel so incomplete without the back story! Now, as a real person, I have to say that I find her totally endearing. I saw her in an interview with Jay Leno once. She absolutely stole my heart. She's really a funny girl - she just has a stupid, eye-rolling, pouting character.

I could go on and on about 24, and do it without realizing I could be boring the rest of the world. So I will stop now.

But - I just have to ask - did you see Kiefer interview on Jay Leno just before the season started?

I will send it to you if you didn't. There is a story he tells that had me in side splitting laughter. Only a true Bauer fan would appreciate it.

Kay said...

Oh yikes! I haven't seen Idol in such a long time. It's kind of fun that you've already posted but I'm not sure Idol is even on in Hawaii yet. We're 4 hours behind you.

Jill of All Trades said...

I couldn't agree any more. I kept flipping back and forth on channels. But Nick and Adam were my favorites too.

pamokc said...

I agree. Love Nick. But just something about Adam that doesn't ring true with me. He definitely has a voice. I am just not sure I like ... him!

Sherri said...

Sarah, I agree with you 100%-BOOOOOORING!!! I told John last night I might just stop watching all together. Very disappointed in this season of Idol!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I am amazed at where all the talent has gone in AI - They all seem to have fallen apart in the studio - Lacklustre, and many of the voices are all over the place!

As for 24, I have been a diehard fan since the start (with my teenager) I watched two eps of this series, and haven't tuned in since...

I love Kiefer, and can't imagine what went wrong for us, but I did not find the tale (perhaps as it's outside of CTU?) so compelling?