Yes you did read that right!

Quite a few of you made comments on, or queried our predicted high temperature of 71 here in Okieland today. Well you see this is one of the real joys of living here, we regularly spring from winter to summer and then back again!

So yes this time last week we were just starting to emerge from the grip of a major ice-storm, that caused a 'state of emergency' to be declared here. Today our high was actually 79, although it's also very windy, no surprise there in Okieland!

We now have 3 balmy days to enjoy highs in the 70's, before we have a 60% chance for severe storms Sunday night (and that can mean really SEVERE here). Then the cooldown will start again mid-week.

One thing's for sure living here, the weather keeps you on your toes and your wardrobe on constant rotation, whatever the season!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Okyland is like Tennessee.. "If you don't like the weather one day, just wait 'til the next. It will change." ha ha


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Betsy here the saying is "wait 10 minutes" and I can vouch for it!

George said...

Betsy already told you that your weather is like Tennessee's, so I'll just say send the warm weather this way and the severe weather someplace else!

Troy said...

It was over 70 here in England today - but then I stepped outside!