Brit' Word of the Day!

Today's BWOTD is a fun one to try on your friends!

"Can you budge up please"

'Budge Up' = Skoot over or move over

So if someone you know is hogging a little too much of the sofa, then you now know what to say to completely throw them! ;-)


Ginger said...

I love the British vernacular! But then, I'm pretty much an Anglophile. This is a fun idea!

I saw you on SiTS and thought I'd stop by. Have a lovely day!

Debra said...

Love this one too! I could really confuse my hubby especially since one of the dog's nicknames is Budge. ha,ha!

Kay said...

Interesting. In Illinois my kids used to say, "Don't budge in front of me." It meant to cut in line. I could hear the kids often saying, "He's budging! He's budging."

Expat mum said...

I used to say "bunk along" - northern thing probably.

Winifred said...

You must have enough words and expressions for a book now. Maybe you could contact Google and get them to do a widget. I've got one for Spanish idioms in my futile attempts to learn Spanish.

A slightly less polite Northern expression would be shove along!