Brit' Word of the Day

Today's BWOTD is one of my fave' Brit' words:

"Oh he just talks a load of old cobblers" or "That's just cobblers"

'Cobblers' = Nonsense

The only time I ever hear the word cobbler used over here is in relation to a fruit (Apple/Peach) cobbler and we call those a fruit (Apple) 'Crumble'!


pamokc said...

Oh go on, you KNOW cobblers could mean something else entirely as well!!! heh. Explain that one!

Sassy Britches said...

CRUMBLE?! That's something my grandma would say! :)

Babooshka said...

Still in use.It is a great word. You'r introducing a whole heap of slang your way. Be interesting to see if these words filter down the generations there.

soulbrush said...

ha ha i love these posts, when i came to live here in england 23 years ago from south africa, these words were all so wierd (but wonderful)..my favourite at the moment is 'plonker'.
wordveri:vomelit (vomit?)

Anonymous said...

....And doesn't it mean something else?

Rhea said...

cobblers. I LOVE IT!!

Natalie said...

Bloody 'cobblers' alive and well, in your little colony down under.
Thyroid problems are AWFUL!!!
Take care.xx