What a mess!

We were not at all impressed with 'Country' week on American Idol, but on the upside they do have Brad Paisley guesting tomorrow. First off surely there were better options than Randy Travis! Most of it was pretty excruciating to watch, the boys definitely had the girls beat and why do some of them insist on trying to 'change' a classic.

Adam may need that wild card the judges have tomorrow, what was he thinking, Ring of Fire is a total classic and there are no words for what he did to it! Alexis should also have left well alone with 'Jolene' and what was Danny wearing?

Anyway we are still sticking to our 'best performance on the night' voting strategy, as we like them all (except Megan!).

Matt was our fave, he is an awesome pianist and singer, who Scott needs to take a lesson from right now, in changing it up.

Anoop Dogg definitely put himself back in the running, by just tweaking a classic and keeping it beautifully simple.

Kris is beginning to look like a dark horse, with a knack for picking the perfect song and a great voice.

We think Michael will go this week, Adam was bad but he has a following and we think they might save him if they had to, because as Randy says "the boy's got mad range dawg"!

If you're gonna have an opinion, then VOTE, it's the least you can do!


Sassy Britches said...

I have no opinion because I was playing BINGO for charity tonight! HowEVER, I do have an opinion on how FABULOUS I'm going to be smelling from now on! Guess who received a package in the mail today?! It's me, it's me! Thank you!

And P.S. This was my first outside the computer interacation! It became REAL when I got your handwritten note! :)

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Glad it arrived safely and you're lovin' it. Trust me Charity Bingo was the way to go tonight!

GutsyWriter said...

I just watched Michael and since I'm in CA. I was surprised to read your "What a mess!" Perhaps I don't need to waste my time after all.

pamokc said...

Yep, Kris is turning into a fave of mine and so is Matt. Didn't expect to like those two but yay for them doing so well.

SweetPeaSurry said...

I agree with you on Megan. UGH ... I started watching at about half-way through the show, as I don't normally watch anyway. I saw Kris's bit at the end, he's so gorgeous, he could sing like a frog and I'd love him. Matt was by far the best!!!

Yummy Mammy said...

Liking the look of Kris, although never seen the programme, but he has a nice picture lol ;-)

Karen (KayKay) said...

Loved Matt tonight and Anoop was surprisingly good. I'm still a Kris fan. Usually I like Adam - but puh-lease - that was terrible.