How to dig yourself in even deeper!

The Hubster just said this to me:

"You do know redheads are just behind blondes for stupidity"

My response:

"I think Gill (my redheaded bff) might have something to say to you about that. And anyway your wife has alot of both red and blonde in her hair!"

His response:

"Ah but not originally"


"You'd better watch out, I was born a redhead, went blonde and still have alot left in here. So I suggest you let this go Mr!!"

In the interests of future marital relations, he did!

MEN!! I don't ever recall making comments about men and their hair colour vs their at times 'questionable' intelligence!


Sherri said...

Sarah, I've awarded you with the Heartfelt Award, pop on over to my blog and collect your award!

pamokc said...

Heh. How do highlights fit in? And what about people who might be thinning a bit on top? Does that mean their brains are completely gone? And what about grays, I thought that made us wiser???

TexasRed said...

I've tried to warn people that redheads-by-choice were going Even Further out of their way to warn the public (temper, sarcasm, sunburns, etc...)

Smitten by Britain said...

Yeah, where DID that start anyway? These days you can't make remarks like that because so many women colour their hair (including moi), you don't know if its their natural colour or not. I've never heard that about redheads, only that they have tend to be fiery in temper. My hubby can confirm that one.

Anonymous said...

haha. so does that make me a genius??? I am a brunette.

Anonymous said...

The things you chat about while listening to the weather channel.

Gaelyn said...

What about grey?

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Rob - LMAO!

Gaelyn, but of course c'os that's what he is!!

Daryl said...

Bless his heart ... I had no idea his mouth was big enough for both feet... Husband learned long ago to smile and nod and never ever remark on hair, weight or intelligence