Lost in stormy Texas - geocaching!

Under stormy skies, we headed into Texas for some geocaching.

First stop the Canadian Wagon Bridge, next weeks 'My World' pick, so history and more piccies on Tuesday. Whilst I snapped away, the hubster headed into the undergrowth beneath to find a cache.

By now it was raining hard and I decided to stay dry!

The Hubster however was not deterred, determined to find the next cache despite a soaking! He's a nut but I still love him.

It was chucking it down, so time to refuel at the 'Filling Station' in Canadian, a converted Phillips 66 gas station, now a restaurant.

The Hubster got to dry out and plan his next assault!

So we headed back out into the 'country', down the unpaved roads.

The only things out here are canyons, oil drilling sites, tons of Rattlesnakes, alot of surprised cattle and geocachers!

After another successful find, we headed to Lake Marvin, where the Hubster headed into the brush and I took photo's again! As I've said before, our hobbies perfectly compliment each other.

Due to 'Muggles' we moved on empty handed from Lake Marvin, but not far up the road we stumbled across a picturesque herd of Deer.

We were now heading home via GPS across open country, this huge ranch was impressive and in an idyllic rural spot.

By now it was dirt roads all the way and the Hubster had no clue where we were, we were just lost in Texas and entirely reliant on our GPS. It had turned into a Texan magical mystery tour!

The pretty views kept on coming, I'd live out here if it wasn't for the Rattlesnakes and the unnerving propensity for a tornado to hit homes in the middle of nowhere!

This was an inviting sign along our route, but with me in bright colours, we decided against a visit this time out!

Finally we hit a highway with signs again and headed home to Okieland with 4 more geocache finds in the bag.

Next Saturday we are heading to the World Champion Cow Chip Throw in Beaver, Oklahoma. Now you just know that's going to be an eye-opener for me and result in some interesting piccies!


Expat mum said...

Cow-chip throwing? You do know that's cow shit don't you? I'm sure you do!
We ate rattle snake on Friday in Arizona. Hate to say it but it tastes like chicken!!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

OMG you did not and it does not!

Yes, yes the Hubster has already informed me it's cow shit but dried. Sounds like a must see!

Rob Inukshuk said...

What a fun day out you two had.
Looking forward to reading all about Canadian Wagon Bridge(?) on Tuesday!

Karen (KayKay) said...

Gorgeous photos! I think the clouds made the pictures even better looking. Sounds like fun.

SEH said...

I am so, SO!, jealous!! Sure beats Kinder Scout, Snake Pass and the like (mmmm they almost sound like US names but we know different!).

Lover of Life said...

Ghaaaa - our first trip out we couldn't find it - looked hard but not to be found!

Kay said...

This was such a fun post, Sarah! I love how you and your Hubster get out and just have fun! You really got some gorgeous photos! I'm so impressed.

Jill of All Trades said...

Great pictures.

Chris said...

What a great story with the pics as well!

Daryl said...

Just do not sample any Cow Pies while watching the Cow Chip Pitch/Throw .. amazing to think adults throw cow shit for prizes and an audience ..

Peggy said...

Really great pictures Sarah.
I loved the simple picture of the rain drops on your car window.
I just love road trips, you just never know what you might find.
Happy Easter to you and the Hubster!

Kendris said...

Fantastic shots! Sounds like a great way to spend a rainy day (or any day)!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Oh Man, what an adventure! I'm totally jealous. I love getting lost! Sweetie doesn't find it near so much fun.

Hubster has gone all in on the geocaching thing. He is wearing a geocaching vest! Sweetie won't go with me if I'm wearing my vest. For the next step Hubster needs to clip on a compass, a whistle, a walkie talkie, and a backup gps.

Don't worry about snakes. An old oilfield guy told me that it takes three people before a snake bits. One wakes them up, the second makes them mad, and it bites the third one. Believe him if you want, I didn't.

BTW, great pictures but I absolutely love the first with the clouds.

Rhea said...

Gorgeous photos! I love geo-caching! Do you add something of your own to the stash? We've only done it once...but I want to do it more.

That bridge is so cool!

Cow-chip throwing sounds like a fun event. lol

Oz Girl said...

Sarah, your hobbies do suit each other -- you got some wonderful photos while hubby was geocaching!! The restaurant looks like a neat spot to eat lunch. All your photos are just beautiful, looks like a really nice rural area to live. :)

Iota said...

Great pics.

recipes for the life-chaitra said...

Great pics!!love thae one with rain splashed on a glass screen!Its the peak of indian summer here with temp reaching 40 Celsius with not a drop of rain.That pictures feels wonderful:D

pamokc said...

FAB FAB photos! And a great day out. Hoppy Easter to you!

Sherri said...

Wow, that was some mystery Texas tour for you and the hubster!! I'm glad you made it back to Okieland! I love the picture you took at Lake Marvin-love that huge tree!!

George said...

It sounds as if you had a great day in Texas. I'm not sure cow-chip throwing will be able to compete.

fishing guy said...

Sarah: Thanks for letting me know about the big herd of deer. I love to capture them on camera.

Esther Garvi said...

Oh, I LOVED this tour!!! I would love to get lost in Texas, on those unpaved roads, heading into all and nothing! So happy for you that your hobbies are so compatible! No plans on going geocaching/photoshooting on horseback?