Brit' Word of the Day

Todays BWOTD is one I have to correct myself on almost daily to be understood in school!

"I need to put a plaster on that"

'Plaster' = Bandaid

Oh yes, I have confused many little kids with this one!

But there are also a couple of other uses taken from this word:

Plaster Board aka Sheet Rock.

Plastered = Drunk, and very commonly used by us Brit's.


Fred said...

It took me a few years to stop saying mobile instead of cell phone.

Funny, though, I never heard "plaster." I just learned something!

Oz Girl said...

Well, even us Americans use the word "plastered" to denote "drunk". haha.

But that is interesting, plaster for bandaid. I am sure that WOULD confuse the little kiddies! :)

Kay said...

We use plaster in Hawaii, too.

Amanda from Amanda's Musings is from England and she wrote me that she was chuffed about something. I was so excited because I'd learned that word on your blog post.