Brit' Word of the Day

Todays BWOTD is another one of those that has a few versions, but I'll start with the most commonly used:

"Can you grab us a trolley please"

'Trolley' = a cart, shopping cart, wagon for serving food/drinks.

As a result of this we also use 'Trolley Dolly' to describe an Air Stewardess/Hostess, although it's viewed as slightly derogatory term for them.

A lesser used but still Brit' term is 'Trollies' to describe underwear!

We also have the 'Trolley Bus' or Streetcar as it's known here.

And finally you'd better hope nobody ever describes you as "Off your trolley", because what they actually mean is you're crazy!


expateek said...

Isn't it, "Be a dear; won't you fetch us a trolley?"

I thought "trolley dollies" was the best term. And here I was, still stuck on saying "stewardesses"! So much more unpolitically correct, the BWOTD!

Gaelyn said...

I think I'm off my trolley most of the time. But that's OK.

Flea said...

Oh what fun! Now I want a trolley to keep all my stuff in and leave in the middle of my living room.

Kay said...

We were surprised to see the same term in Australia. That's neat!

Lover of Life said...

Thanks for the lesson. I will never call them trollie dollies if I expect good service. Good to know.

karen said...

I love it! I am certainly off my trolley today.. better get back to work! :)