And the winner is....

Ms. FLEA c'mon down lady, you are about to learn everything you ever wanted to know about my homeland and then some.

Thank you to everyone who entered, I will be trying to answer some of the things you don't get about us in the next few weeks and I really enjoyed all your answers.

Ms. Flea, please email me your addy and I will get it mailed to you.


♥ Braja said...


Oh wait...I don't need the book, that's right: British heritage :)))

Flea said...

Sweet! Thank you! I can't wait!!! And I sent the address via FaceCrack. :)

Star said...

Congratulations to Ms Flea. I'm sure she will enjoy the book. Sarah, can you please tell me when you get the Conditions removed from your Green Card? I don't know how long to expect to wait for this to happen. The waiting is awful when you don't know how long it's going to be! Does anyone on here know the time span at the moment? Thanks.
Blessings, Star