Did I say it was Fall?!

Well guess what, it appears I spoke to soon, as our small Okieland town broke our record high today with 97.4 degrees! In fact we even got a mention on the state news and a few moments of fame.

I'm pleased to report it was just a minor hitch in the big Fall plan though, and now a cold front is heading through as I type. However, a cold front here is a little different to one in the UK. This will take us down to the low 80's, a hot summer day back home!


Kay said...

It's feeling a little (VERY little) cool today. I'm looking forward to the cooler winter weather here. 97 degrees? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

No kidding!
To have a summers day in the low 80's would be good, but a fall day? Mind-boggling!

Gaelyn said...

I went from fall to summer in less than 100 miles today. Weather will fool us every time.