My most wonderful time of the year!

Hail to Autumn

Hail to Autumn at its very best
Before all the trees decide to rest.
The heat and humidity of summer finally past,
The chilly and frosty days will return at last.

Autumn brings her gifts all tied
With burnished vegetation far and wide,
Displaying an awesome scene for everyone
Beneath the cover of the lustrous sun.

Acorns dropped to the leaf-covered ground
Where hardy, orange pumpkins now abound.
Flocks of wildfowl in a southward flight,
Migrating to a region to avoid winter's plight.

All season long Autumn will proudly display
A skein of beautiful colors day after day
Until again the cold, Northerly Winds will blow
To eagerly remind us of the forthcoming snow.

It is Autumn's disposition to please each heart
With a spectacular event from the season's start.
The dark days of winter are now approaching fast,
So, Hail to Autumn for its memorable cast.

by Joseph T. Renaldi

Autumn is my most favourite time of the year and always has been. I am just not a hot weather girl, ironic considering where I chose to live! I always rejoice when the nights start to close in and the days grow cooler, knowing Autumn is lurking just around the corner.

I love to see the leaves turn golden and fall, creating huge rustling leaf drifts all over our yard. They remind me of my maternal grandfather, a man who loved his big autumn bonfires. I will forever associate that bonfire smell with my grandfather, bringing happy memories back of childhood.

Back home we would hunt up the largest chestnuts and bake them rock hard in the oven, before threading them and having Conker fights. I remember rolling down banks laughing into huge piles of golden crispy leaves. That's probably why I love to just lie in a pile even now, and occasionally photograph them up close!

In my new homeland I enjoy 'Fall' just as much. I have fully embraced home decorating for Fall, and I am looking forward to getting out my Fall porch decorations next weekend.

So I am happy to put away my summer sandals and t-shirts, pull on my boots and sweaters and embrace Autumn like the old friend it is.


Sassy Britches said...

ABSOLUTELY! Fall is my favorite too. I've always wondered about the chestnut-roasting...I've never known anyone to actually DO it except in the songs! Enjoy the season~

Gaelyn said...

Although summer is my favorite fall is fun with all the new colors and change in the air. Unfortunately, it also means winter is coming. Guess I just don't like to be cold.

Leaf piles and burning, what a great memory trigger.

Jill of All Trades said...

I love it too. I used to only like summer but now I like spring, summer and fall. I'm not a winter person, although the past couple of years with my internal summer going on I don't mind it so much. Can't wait for the colors, smells and sounds.

Daryl said...

We dont get leaves turning here, the ground doesnt get cold enough to do it in October and by November the trees are bare ... of course we can get into cars and drive north and clog their roads gawking at the foliage ...

karen said...

I enjoy autumn, too! Spring right now, for us.

I do love that header photo, and your blog still retains that unique touch, even though the pic has changed!

Sherri said...

I love Autumn also!! I love the picture you took of the leaves up close! I have started to decorate for Autumn also. I love to get out my candles that smell like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, etc.! Enjoy this time of year!

Expat mum said...

Gosh, I wish I had your enthusiasm. All I can think of is our impending winter.

Jenny said...

Reading this made me miss Virginia just a little more, but in a nostalgic way, not a sad way per say. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. I use to say fall and spring, only spring tends to bring allergies and bugs along, so I stick with fall as my favorite now. This will be my first fall/winter in the UK. I don't know what it's like elsewhere in the country, but here in the city, there won't be many leaves on the ground, I imagine.

Vickie said...

I love fall and spring, the sort of in-between seasons. They are mellow and getting me ready for the extreme season following on the heels.
I ease into fall with my vests and scarves. No jackets or coats just yet.

Mare said...

I totally agree with your vision of 'fall'. Bring it on, Mother Nature!

Iota said...

Yes, it is an "old friend". Lovely way of describing it.

Pam said...

I am totally a fall kind of gal. Sweater weather for me! I wish we had a longer fall season around here ... how are you feeling?

Oz Girl said...

Fall is definitely my favorite too. Today is such a fantastic gorgeous day!! I'm glad I have a lull between jobs, but on the flip side, I hope the lull isn't TOO long!

Love your new header -- you're right, it was the perfect photo for that privileged place! :)

Alli said...

I love your blog, I'm very glad I stumbled across it! Autumn is most certainly my favorite season as well. I look forward to reading more!

LadyFi said...

I love autumn too! Hurray for leaf baths!

Kay said...

Ahhhh... I remember fall. I really miss the change of seasons in Hawaii. Spring is my favorite time and fall comes next.