Here we go!

Yes we have reached that particular time of year in Okieland when huge temperature swings happen with more regularity. It's true what they say here, wait five minutes if you don't like the weather, as it might change. But the staggering temperature changes are just shocking at times.

Today we had a high of 84 degrees, so I was clothed in my summer gear. Tomorrow we are going to 56 degrees for a high, not too big a change but a different clothing choice entirely.

But Sunday is down to the 40's and 3-5 inches of snow!

So today I am at work in a t-shirt and sandals. Monday I may well return in my down padded coat, hat, gloves and snow boots. Life is never boring here!!


The Grandpa said...

That's what I call a swing in the weather.

We had times like that when we lived in New England. But mainly, it just got cold and stayed cold. Sometimes living in Atlanta, I miss that cold you can count on. But not a lot.

Stay warm.

Daryl said...

Weather in OK is odd but then its been wonky here too .. stay cool today, warm tomorrow!

Gaelyn said...

What's normal about weather?
Better keep your SPF right next to your rain coat and snow boots.

Winifred said...

Oh my that is a big difference. It's a bit weird here in the North of England as it hasn't been really cold yet. Just varying degrees of chilly!

At least I get a bit of extra wardrobe space putting my cutoffs and summer T shirts away for winter.

Take care whatever it's like outside.

Sherri said...

Sarah, we are having very strange weather patterns here in NC too!

Cyndi said...

Hi! I stumbled across your blog! I love it! [ =

[i too am a HUGE country fan!!]

Kay said...

Gee, your weather sounds like ours. We've been waiting for torrential rains all week and they haven't arrived yet as forecasted. It's supposed to let up on Sunday. All this is funny since we haven't much rain to speak of all week.

Sandi McBride said...

Yes, that's exactly the way it is here...today it will be 77 , 73 tomorrow and Monday we'll be back in the cooler again!
Enjoy your tee and shorts whilst you can!

Vickie said...

The same kind of wacky weather we have going on here in Colorado. 18 inches of snow just before Halloween, then warm and sunny. Been warm off and on the first two weeks of November and now it's snowing.

Lynn said...

Unfortunately, the other side of the saying, "if you don't like the weather in Oklahoma just wait five minutes," is that if you do like the weather you might only get to enjoy it for five minutes.