Classic moments I always react to...

Tonight I was indulging in one of my all time favourite movies, The Sound of Music. Which I am delighted to see is also considered essential family Christmas viewing by the networks here. Anyway, one scene got me thinking about those moments in movies that have continued to touch me or connect with me, no matter how many times I see them.

And so I worked me up a little list!

First the moment that inspired the list, from The Sound of Music - 'Sixteen going on Seventeen' the duet sung in the summerhouse with rain falling, by Leisl and Rolf. Why - because it epitomises young love, it's innocence and the thrill of that first kiss.

Next to pop into my head was the infamous scene from Pretty Woman. The one every woman dreams of re-enacting with some snotty shop assistant, because we've all run into at least one sometime!

Vivian: Do you remember me?
Salesperson: No, I'm sorry.
Vivian: I was in here yesterday. You wouldn't wait on me?
Salesperson: Oh.
Vivian: You work on commission, right?
Salesperson: Ah, yes.
Vivian: Big mistake. Big. Huge! [turns away] I have to go shopping now!

An iconic role and movie next, I love this whole movie, but two scenes standout. The last scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's where they are trying to find 'cat' and then Audrey singing 'Moon River', the one I chose to share.

The final scene from Never Been Kissed has one of the greatest movie kisses ever, is just so wonderfully romantic and has a guy to die for in it. It never fails to bring a tear to my eye, plus it has one of the best Beach Boys tracks playing throughout it.

And the last one for now is the ending to Thelma And Louise, the ultimate movie about an unbreakable female friendship. They stand by each other through thick and thin, whatever life throws at them. A tearjerker ending, but in a strange way still positive, as they never give up on each other.

Thanks to You Tube for enabling me to share these moments, I think we can glean from these, I am a hopeless romantic!

Care to share your unforgettable movie moments?


Robin said...

At the end of "Anne of Avonlea" when Anne tells Gilbert, "I don't want diamond sunbursts or marble halls. I just want you". Sigh...

Gaelyn said...

All good choices. Also the end of "Fried Green Tomatoes."

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the clips. I have seen Sound of Music over 10 times. But it is Breakfast at Tiffany's that triggers a smile. Loved Audrey Hepburn in that role. She was my favorite actress!

Troy said...

Hi there! I enjoy the ending in Dead Poets' Society when all the boys stand on their desks in support of their teacher.

Mary said...

All great pics. I love the parking lot scene in Fried Green Tomatoes.
Another scene that always gets me (makes me stop and whisper "Wow") is the Pride & Prejudice (latest version) when Darcy strides toward Lizzie after a sleepless night. They are outside an very few, if any, words are exchanged for a while.

midwesttomidlands said...

Different countries, but same movie on the same night! I too watched Sound of Music and hadn't seen it in years. So many great movie lines, but only one I can think of right now is when Jack Nicholson says something like "Go take your crazy someplace else" in As Good as it Gets.
P.S. I can relate to you missing Boxing Day, but then again you got to have Thanksgiving:) The things we do for love! - is that a movie line? Wishing you a great 2010.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Let me see,
1. The ending scene in Vanishing Point where Barry Newman playing "Kowalski" runs a 1970 Hemi Challenger into a bulldozer.

2. Clint Eastwood in the "Unforgiven" where after watching some bad guy die a ghastly death somebody says "He didn't deserve that." Clint says, "None of us get what we deserve."

3. The surfing scene from "Apocalypse Now"

Yep, lots of good movies out there. For some reason they don't show them much during the holidays.

Flea said...

Awww! I love your compilation!

Pam said...

I think I am the only person who doesn't like the movie Thelma & Louise. Except for that Brad Pitt scene, of course.

You have a great list! Let me think about some of mine:

1. Will agree with the standing-on-the-desks scene in Dead Poets Society. FAVE.

2. Tim Robbins after he climbs out of that sewer while escaping in The Shawshank Redemption. And the quote, "Get busy living or get busy dying"

3. Casablanca - where Victor Laslow and Rick are talking in his office and the Germans start up their pub songs; Victor takes control of the band and leads the customes in the French national anthem. Very patriotic scene.

I'm sure I have loads otherse, will have to give a think-over! Merry Merry!

Winifred said...

Funny this is the first year I haven't seen it shown on telly.

I remember seeing it for the first time. It was filmed in Todd-AO and was screened in a picture house with a special curved screen. There was only one in the North East, The Queens in Newcastle so there were lots of bus trips to it.

I'll never forget how the curtain slowly opened across that huge screen. Brilliant when Julie Andrews ran up over the mountain top and appeared singing. The sound was absolutely amazing too. Although I like watching it on telly you just don't experience that amazing feeling of being on the mountain top with her. Bliss!

Daryl said...

Lovely choices ... tho I dont agree about Thelma & Louise .. I never understood why they drove off that cliff .... nothing happened that couldnt be fixed ...

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Some great picks here too.

Mary - the scene from P&P at the end would have been here too, but all the clips are copyrighted, so you can only watch not share them!

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Wow, that was fun! Thanks for posting those!

Vickie said...

One of my favorites is in Bull Durham where Kevin Costner's character, Crash,(yum) is telling Susan Sarandon's character, Annie, what he believes in....and the last line is perfect...."I believe in the sweet spot, soft-core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days."

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

I love many of yours. I also like the ending to the Sound of Music when they escape. In Pride and Prejudice when she realizes all Mr. Darcy has done for her. Makes me cry. The scene in Gran Torino when he makes the sacrifice (don't want to give it away for anyone who hasn't seen it). Amazing movie. Thanks for the idea.~~Dee

Kay said...

I love all those clips. I've never seen Thelma and Louise because I hate sad endings. I tried to start that clip but it didn't work. I'll try to rent that movie. I loved this post.

Iota said...

There are so many good moments in Thelma and Louise. I love the one where Thelma's husband is watching the CCTV footage of her robbing a store.

Any of the dance scenes in Billy Elliot, but particularly the final moments.