Bloggers are the nicest people

I received a wonderful Hawaiian care box from the lovely Gigi-Hawaii, who upon receipt of her tea prize, turned right around and mailed me a gift lol! The kindness, warmth and generosity of fellow bloggers just never ceases to amaze me. We are such a warm cuddly community!

So what did I get? Some lovely edible treats with which I will be cooking up a storm. Gigi even included curry which as many of you know, is a big fave in my neck of the woods.

But best of all she included her own three books of memoirs. I have already dived into them and been thoroughly entertained by her interesting life and commentary on it. So "thank you" Gigi for your kind gift.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the curry! LOL. Remember to break up the ENTIRE BAR of curry and drop into the pot of water, which contains your meats and veggies. Mix well and cook for 3 minutes. Then serve.

My daughter has been drinking the Queen Anne tea exclusively every day, while I prefer the Twinings. Mahalo, Sarah!

Michelloui said...

Wow, thats really sweet! I love sending things across the blogosphere--it reminds me of the pen pals my school organised with kids around the world when I was little. And anyway, its just fun to share things virtually and in reality. Isn't blogging awesome?!

Kay said...

Oh what fun to see what respresentative thing bloggers send from their area of the world. You just reminded me that we haven't made curry in a long time. Good idea!

Daryl said...

What a nice thing to do!

Anonymous said...

I agree Sarah. Congrats on your care package!

kanishk said...

its just fun to share things virtually and in reality. Isn't blogging awesome?!

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