Does Betty Ford do mascara?

I have been going through an extremely frustrating period with mascara. In utter exasperation, I went and checked out my mascara stock and had a horrifying realization - I am a mascara junky!

I am a total sucker for any new mascara sales pitch. I had no less than six mascaras to choose from, not including the two I keep in the bathroom, one in the car and one in my desk at work! Mascara is one thing I never leave my house without. Sans mascara my eyes disappear, I look tired and all of my 43 years. It’s as essential as my bra, and I won’t answer the door without that!

I seem to have a two-coat mascara reproduction line, that’s the one with a white end and the other your color of choice. For awhile I thought this was the best mascara ever invented. It guaranteed thick, long, come hither lashes and it appears I stockpiled in fear of the long predicted doomsday scenario! The problem is, at some point I fell out of love with it.

I also have many color options available to me. Black/black, brown/black and black, which I defy anybody to tell the difference between when over a foot away! Then navy, blue, plum, purple and good old boring brown. With all these I still tend to use a coat of black to tone them down and not look like some scary, neon eye lashed pantomime dame! As for brown, I don’t even know why I buy it, I always think it’s too light and cover it in black!

It doesn’t help my addiction that there are so many choices. I Googled mascara and it came back with 12,400,000 hits, no wonder I can’t make my mind up! In the first four pages of hits I came up with twenty-five descriptive words!

Darken/lighten, although why use mascara at all if you want lighter lashes? Thicken and lengthen, surely a phrase more suited to Viagra? High definition, isn’t that some fancy smancy deal for the TV? Deeply pigmented, which I know is currently a ‘hip’ phrase in make-up and has something to do with color, but seriously is it even noticeable to the naked eye? Lightweight, dramatic, sexy, glossy, fatten, lush – all words I’d love to hear in a sentence about yours truly!

Curling mascaras are in another league; 30 degree curve, 50 degree curve, 70 degree, panoramic, and high impact. C’mon, unless I get a protractor out, there’s no way I could tell the difference! Don’t even get me started on L’Oreal’s Motion Mascara which has a vibrating brush. When I first saw an ad for this, I was struck dumb and then had a bloody good laugh.

But without doubt my absolute favorite descriptive phrase for mascara is - “infused with nurturing rose aroma”. The obvious and slightly kinky question being “would you like to sniff my lashes?”

On a happy note, I have finally found a mascara I love, I'm modelling it up top. 

But the tube just has L'Oreal on it, and the only way my 43yr old eyes could see this label was to take a macro picture and then crop it - sad sad! And from what I can just about tell, it seems to be L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Blackest Black. I'll write it down for when I go to buy more, so I don't have to embarress myself asking a young person to read the label. Oh to be a man at times!

Anyone else constantly trying new brands and types of mascara? Maybe we can double up at the addicts clinic!


midwesttomidlands said...

What ever mascara you use, it is only secondary to your lovely blue eyes. My friend got the vibrating mascara, I was speechless.

Flea said...

I agree. Your eyes are stunning on their own.

I have one mascara in my drawer. I need more now, thank you very much. I try not to leave the house without eye liner (my eyes disappear without it), but I'm very bad about remembering to wear any makeup at all most days.

Bella Foxx said...

Not mascara, my eyes are too sensitive to play around with it (I did try the vibrating mascara though [meh]), but if I were to count the number of lipsticks I have ... but I believe you have blogged about that subject to.

However, I notice you use Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer, and so do I. I got the shimmery one though, don't need eyeshadow with that. I ♥ Urban Decay.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sarah, I had to laugh when you mentioned your 43 yr. old eyes... I remember when I turned 43, I found out that I couldn't read things anymore. I have been wearing reading glasses since then ---and have reading glasses all over the house (since they love to hide from me)...

I like L'Oreal products but don't think I have ever used their mascara. Maybe I need to try it---but I don't wear it much anymore now that I'm retired and OLD.

You look great... Love that picture of your eyes!!!

Daryl said...

I am a mascara addict. BUT its all about the brush for me .... I used to love and recommend Lancome but no more, they changed the formula .. even the best brush wont help ... but I highly recommend two mascaras . one cheap Maybelline Collosal Volum'Express . one pricy Make Up Forever Smokey Lash..

Jo, a retired teacher said...

Your lashes are long and lovely. Mine are short and sparse, but my favorite mascara is Loreal Lash Out. I like their Volumious a lot too. I stock up where there is a sale.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Sarah! What will you blog about next?! I am still chuckling as I write this.

Before I hit 60, I used to wear eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick (nothing else). But, when I hit 60, I got rid of it all. If it's anything I can't stand it is the sight of an old woman with all that makeup. Same thing for hair dye. Who does she think she is kidding???

imac said...

With or without, you have very beautiful eyes.

Iota said...

Good mascara is worth its weight in ... well perhaps not gold, but something very valuable!

Kay said...

I don't use mascara because I don't have much lashes to speak of. You sure to have the prettiest eyes around, Sarah!