Au revoir et merci beaucoup Canada

We have thoroughly enjoyed the Winter Olympics, in fact it's been pretty much all we've watched for the past fortnight (Brit word = 2 wks). They started with a terrible tragedy and a moving opening ceremony, and went onto to be one of the best ever.

I think the added skill and daring involved in performing a sport on snow or ice, makes the Winter Olympics exceptional viewing. I can watch the Summer Olympics and dream that with alot more effort I might have been a swimmer or runner. But there's no way I could ever have made it as a figure skater, bobsledder or downhill skier. Now Curling on the other hand the Hubster and I both think might be right up our alley!

Canada has been a magnificent host to the Olympics and now the baton passes to London and it has some big boots to fill. Apart from a lack of snow at first, these games seem to have gone without a hitch organisationally, despite terrible tragedy and emotional highs and lows. They have also made me long to visit Canada someday having seen the amazing scenery.

Highlights included Shaun White winning gold, with a truly amazing display of snowboarding and attaining heights above the Halfpipe that were hard to believe! Apolo Anton Ohno becoming the USA's most decorated winter olympian, despite the fact that his sport is crazily unpredictable. Seeing Amy Williams of Great Britain win the gold in women's Skeleton, our first gold since Robin Cousins in 1980. Watching Bode Miller come through finally and win olympic medals he missed out on 4 years ago. Enjoying the US mens bobsled team finally win gold after beating the seemingly invincible Germans.

The drama of Evan Lysacek's stunning skating free program deservedly winning gold, and the ensuing national 'pout' by Plushenko and Russia. The most moving moments came with Canadian Joannie Rochette overcoming tragedy after her mother Therese's sudden death. The courage and dedication she showed were inspirational, and it was impossible to watch her hold it together through her short program without shedding a tear with her at the end.

We were in awe of the Mogul skiers and the numerous knee surgeries they all seem to have, but still they keep going! We decided that cross country skiers are probably the fittest athletes in the world, and we wondered what makes anyone want to travel at over 90mph on ice on a sled! We found ourselves fascinated again by Curling, the accuracy involved and teflon shoes.

For us the funniest moment was listening in on the conversation between Shaun White and his coach, when they realised he'd won gold on his first run and the pressure was gone.

His coach about his 2nd run "What do ya wanna do?"
Shaun laughingly said "I dunno man, just ride down the middle?"
His coach "Nah  you wanna get out there, double McD and stomp the shit!"
NBC "We apologise for the language but this is live and emotions are high"

Too funny and a down to earth moment from a great athlete and thoroughly likeable star.

It's been a great Olympics, a credit to Canada and a fitting tribute to the memory of Georgian Luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili.

Did you watch too and have some fave moments?


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

It was a great Olympics. Shaun White's performance was the big highlight. I also loved seeing Bode Miller finally grow up a little bit.

Pam said...

My unexpected favorite bits were the snowboard races. Never seen anything like it! Talk about exciting! I loved Evan's performance (except for his outfit); but totally missed the women's skating for some unknown reason. Shaun White is just a rock star.

JOE TODD said...

The inukshuk sitting on my desk says great post and even though I'm a USA guy I can still say "GO CANADA"

Anonymous said...

I watched some of it -- figure skating -- but I enjoyed your synopsis of the Olympics! You are truly a die-hard Olympian!

Pat said...

Shaun's impossible looking multiple flips in the air on his snowboard and Bode Miller and Lindsey Vonn's gold-medal skiing were my faves.

I really liked the beautiful closing ceremony, too. O Canada, you stepped up to the plate and hit a grand slam homerun!

Kay said...

I watched some of last night and I loved the part about the lighting of the torch malfunction. It was hilarious to have a clown come up out of the hole and pretend to fix the torch. I especially love Shaun White and Evan Lysacek, to. It's been such a fun Olympics. I've loved reading your summary, Sarah! Great job!

Daryl said...

The figure skating ...

Michelloui said...

Im smiling as I type, the Americans do get anxious about swearing and nudity dont they? Not that there was any nudity in the Olympics, but the swearing was quite funny. If they could listen at the side of a rugby match then they'd have some issues!!

The olympics were amazing weren't they? Great post, I wholeheartedly agree.

Sherri said...

Sarah you are oh so right when you say it was a great Olympics! John and I enjoyed watching every night to see what was going on. I loved it all!

Anonymous said...

It was a great games. I do so love the winter Olympics - probably because it's so very different to anything I grew up with.

Do go and visit Vancouver, the city that stole my heart when I first visited many years ago. It's a special place for sure. Oh and the Inukshuk in my Avatar stands in Vancouver!

Russell said...

I second your thoughts.

I did not see as much of the Olympics as a lot of people did, but I enjoyed what I did see.

I guess I enjoyed just seeing the mountains and the beautiful scenery of the area.

This will sound a bit strange, but I really liked the commercial you kept seeing all the time about BC and how it was the home of the people talking. I loved the visuals in that commercial.

Of course the most moving moment was watching the Canadian woman win her medal only days after her mother died. Goodness. And then she got to be the flag bearer at the closing ceremonies. Very tragic but certainly seemed to capture the Olympic spirit.

Take care.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I totally agree, Sarah. George and I have been glued to the TV for the entire Olympics... In fact, I find myself really missing them tonight. I enjoyed everything ---and thought that Canada did a great job of hosting --despite the weather (which they have no control of)...


midwesttomidlands said...

I usually love watching the Olympics, but they don't quite have the same coverage in the UK. I did enjoy the highlights and the amazing skills of all the athletes. I wanted to watch the women's skating, but somehow completely missed it. We shall see about London. Now it will be tempting to go in person.

Bella Foxx said...

I don't really like the Olympics, but I totally love Shaun White. I'd like to take him out for ice cream!

Expat mum said...

Loved it all, but am now thoroughly convinced that luge contestants are all crazy. I was going to say an accident waiting to happen but unfortunately we saw that. Here's to safer luge-ing in the future.