Government form responsible for extreme lethargy!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I apologise, but I seem to have been struck down with extreme brain lethargy and blog block this week , I am certain entirely down to completion of endless paperwork for the USCIS!

Well I am pleased to report the Naturalization package finally left the building late yesterday, and any moment now I should re-enter the USCIS system in Dallas. I have answered endless questions about all my relations, prior homes, jobs and whether I am a terrorist, gambler, bigamist, prostitute or habitual drunkard - seriously they actually ask these!

The Civics test questions and answers are also rolling around my head constantly. I now have all 100 printed out on my desk and my work colleagues ask me random questions as they pass by, and this method seems to be working. Here is your question for today:

Who is the Chief Justice of the US now?

I am also starting two new 'projects' this week. Later today I start a Christmas quilt project with some of my work colleagues, and on Friday I start an intensive 8-week photography course.

Nothing like keeping busy eh!


Daryl said...

The Honorable John Roberts

midwesttomidlands said...

I'm sure you will do well on your test. Is it multiple choice?

Anonymous said...

Good luck! You are so ambitious, undertaking all of these worthwhile endeavors!

But being a dual citizen? Does that mean you have to pay US as well as British taxes? Double whammy!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sarah, I am so glad you are becoming a USA citizen---but I apologize that it is such a grueling process. Seems like the more government involvement we have in this country, the harder our lives become. Scary--what is going on in our congress these days!!!! I don't want MORE and BIGGER government... (They can't do a good job with what they are doing now!! ha)

Good Luck..

Pam said...

OOOOOOH fun on the photography course. Wish I was doing it with you!!!! The one I did was for 35MM and of course it translates, but really .... totally fun. Maybe I will do that this summer.

Is the word verification needed if you don't allow anonymous posters, I wonder?

Sherri said...

With all those questions to answer no wonder you are finding it hard to blog this week! Good luck to you!

Snippety Gibbet said...

We should all have to take a civics test now and again. I can't say I'd pass one at this very moment. jan

Kay said...

I know just what you mean! I've been so involved with my project that blogging has been hit or miss. I'm getting close to finishing though. Woohoo!

imac said...

Gee, what a load of stuff to remember.

Good luck with it all my friend.

Thanks for your continued visits and comments.
A week in wales now showing on my blog.

Russell said...

We actually have the 100 question test on a large bulletin board at the college where I work! I find myself standing in front of it a various times looking over the questions. It was put up by the International Business Department and the question is asked "How would YOU do if YOU had to take this test?" I think I know the answer....!

I wonder how many people admit to being a prostitute, terrorist, etc.?! Heh! It is like someone is going to be sitting there and when asked will go "Darn! You got me! I was hoping you would not ask!!" Heh!

Take care and good luck. I am sure you will do great!

Vickie said...

I'm wondering if we shouldn't all have those questions wandering around in our craniums. There are kids graduating each year who couldn't tell which side of the country Washington DC is located or where Kansas is or how checks and balances works in our government....

{{HUGS}} to you!