Sod's Law!

Isn't this just typical - now I'm in no hurry on the immigration progress for the first time in years, they're moving fast of course.

Yes I already have my appointment for fingerprinting, or Biometrics as it's offically known, in just two weeks from now. In fact it's so fast I have written to them and asked if I can delay it by one week!

But hopefully this bodes well for my being a US citizen by the time the new school year starts.

I am stilling practising my Civics Test questions daily, as I suspect I might be called for my interview by June latest. I am studying daily on the basis that the answers will be so familiar they will just pop out automatically, even if I am nervous! By running through all 100 daily I am now running at a pass rate of about 96%, which I hope to maintain.

Here are a few more questions to test you:

Who was President during World War 1?
Name 3 of the 13 original Colonies?
Why did the Colonists fight the British?


AfterGirl said...

They weren't states they were colonies.

I got all 3 right but I am abit of a history nut.

Good Luck!

North West London Girl said...

Oh dear only 1 right, I was always meant to live here in the UK!! Good luck although it sounds like you will pass with flying colours as your percentage rate is so high xx

Pat said...

I got two of 3 right. The man who was president during WW1 was my second guess.

I'm sure you will pass it easily, Sarah, and you will be more informed than 90% of Americans about US history and the constitution!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

We fought the British to get the "u" out of "colour."

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Yogi - LMAO you sad bugger!

Pam said...

Keep practicing. And trust me when I tell you that they mostly will be happy that you won't need an interpreter and that you can read and write in English. Maybe you can sit in on a civics class at your school for good measure?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

1. Woodrow Wilson
2. Va, Mass, Pa
3. No taxation without Representation

How's that???? Those are my hubby's answers --since he is the smart one among us!!!!!

I know you will be glad to finally become OFFICIAL... Hopefully, it will all be over SOON--after you have waited so long.

How is your mouth??? Okay I hope.

Daryl said...

Colonies, not states, they didnt become states til after the war.. which was based hugely on taxation without representation - something the new tea baggers need to re-learn.

3 of the original are Virginia (here's a tip, if its about the Revolutionary War or early American history, 9 out of 10 times the answer is Virginia), New York, Massachusetts (which was/is a commonwealth not a state as is PA)...

And Woodrow Wilson was President during WWI .. (no, we dont use the 1 we use the Roman numeral ... )

Expat mum said...

And I actually got the 13 colonies question even though it's one of the hardest and apparently "hardly ever comes up". Pah!

imac said...

Good luck.

Sherri said...

Sarah, I hope all your immigration stuff is over soon! Very stressful to say the least.

JOE TODD said...

Good luck.. I'm sure you will do fine

Russell said...

I am sure you will do GREAT!

If you want to really blow away the examiners, you can tell them that President Wilson's wife, Edith, is often called the First Woman President.

President Wilson had a stroke in 1919 and many people believe it was his wife that took over at that time. My guess is that it is probably true and that she probably had a few close associates that were in the know, so to speak.

Life was quite a bit different in 1919 than it is today! And as you know, women got the right to vote in the USA in 1920 when the 19th Amendment was passed. And to sort of make things right, Mrs. Wilson was in charge at the time!

Take care.

Anonymous said...

I think it was something about tea and sales tax, but I could be wrong :) Beware biometrics - remember Orwell! I am sure you will pass the test. Good luck.

overtiredmum said...

Hard questions - My answers were 1) I bet 98% of USA born and bred people couldn't answer those and 2) you are a better person than me for even trying!

I don't think they would let me in!

Good luck xo

Jyoti said...

I did the same and just studied till I knew it all by heart. That was two years ago, and I can barely remember any of it now!