"Nah, that's just down the road!"

"And it's off to the city I go - yet again!"

Once upon a time, I was a virgin Brit Gal in the USA and I thought making the trip to Oklahoma City was a mammoth haul, that usually justified an overnight stay. After all it's just under 3 hours drive each way and I would never have considered driving about 6 hours just to shop in England!

But those days are long gone it seems. Now I flit to the big lights of the city on a whim and a moments notice, with nary a motel booking in mind.

Just last Tuesday I made the trip with a couple of girlfriends for the annual boob mashing checkup, followed by some well earned and husband free retail therapy - an almost perfect day.

Then this Tuesday the Hubster and I made the same trip for my Naturalisation interview, followed by a little more retail therapy, a meal at Chili's and home.

In the morning I am headed back to the city again, this time in the good company of work colleagues for some computer training. So that's twice in three days, my mother would shudder at the thought!

Then next week it's my birthday, so to celebrate the Hubster and I are planning another trip to the downtown area of the city to witness the annual Red Earth Festival. A Native American Indian arts festival with a colourful full dress parade (excellent photography opp'), arts and crafts, and a dance display.

So if nothing else tells me how much I've adjusted, the fact that I now think a 6-hour road trip is no big deal, certainly makes the point I'm a changed woman!


Anonymous said...

I grew up in South Africa, big distances too. I used to drive from Joburg to Cape Town for the weekend - 13 hours each way. So when we lived in rural West Wales and did 6 hour round trips to London, we used to get all sorts of comments involving hotels and much head shaking.

Makes me realise just how small the UK is.

Gaelyn said...

You truly are an American woman now driving 6 hours for a shopping excursion. I only have to 2 hours each way, but Kanab is Not a city. Have fun for your birthday!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sarah, You are a busy gal--doing lots of traveling. Congrats on getting your immigration work completed. HALLELUJAH. I know it's been a long journey!!!!!

Happy Birthday next week... Hope you have a great time in the big CITY....

Yes---we crazy Americans do drive a long way to get to places, don't we???? ha


Nishant Singh said...

Rarely hear about shopping excursions that go on for so long especially in America. Here in Mumbai its a routine thing and no one really wonders and ponders about the countless hours spent driving around just to for 15 mins of shopping!

Nice image though :)

Sherri said...

You have definitely become an American woman! Have fun on your excursions!

Daryl said...

You must not think of it as a six hour trip .. think of it as two 3 hours trips .. makes it easier to process ... Ms USA Citizen!

Brown English Muffin said...

"annual boob mashing checkup" HILARIOUS!!!

Pat said...

Yes, indeed, you are truly American, Sarah. I personally wouldn't drive 3 hours to go shopping, but I'd drive 45 minutes to Folsom (our nearest decent-sized city) to do so.

Pat said...

I'd left a comment congratulating you on passing the interview questions with flying colors, but it was gone when I looked there today. Here it is again:

I laughed at the Columbus Day question--I wouldn't have known even what month it's in. Congratulations on your new citizenship! I'm honored to have you as my fellow American citizen.

Kay said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Sarah!!!

I was used to the long drives, too, in Illinois. Now I'm on Oahu and if it's more than 15 minutes, I'm thinking it's a distance.