What a racket!

We are enjoying the World Cup coverage, it's great to have so much quality football/soccer available on US TV for a change. What we are not loving is the bloody racket those Vuvuzela horns make without a break for the whole game!

Sure we could mute the sound, but then we also lose the commentary and with foreign unfamiliar teams it's kind of essential. Sadly I think the World Cup will lose viewers over the din they're making. It was enough to make us give up and turn it off today, during a match with no personal interest we would otherwise have watched.

But as FIFA are selling them online, I doubt the wish of the majority for Vuvuzela's to be banned will be granted!


Florence and Mary said...

Soooo annoying aren't they! Like a swarm of wasps watching the game with you

Victoria xx

Mary said...

I was thinking more along the lines of swarms of giant mosquitoes (close your eyes and listen, lol). At least we have a mute button option - can't imagine what it's like to be there in person!

Gaelyn said...

What? I can't hear you over all the noise.

Troy said...

They are very VERY annoying. We've turned down the sound and now can hardly hear the commentary.
A local newspaper did an online survey asking whether they should be banned. 83% have answered yes.
Let's hope Friday's result is better than last Saturdays!
(PS : congrats on passing the US test).

Daryl said...

Obnoxious sound

midwesttomidlands said...

I agree very annoying, can't stand them. Funny thing, I had one like it in high school and used it at a basketball game and the ref came over and took it away from me. So I think they should do the same at the World Cup! In regards to your post on the USA vs England soccer enthusiasm, I was telling people here that it is not the same enthusiasm in the USA as it is here. I thought maybe it had improved in the US, but from what you are saying it has not. I love the English passion for the game. I took a lot of grief on Saturday before the game, all in good fun. I even did a menu at work, American hamburger vs. English sausage. I went 4 places to get St. George's flag banners and all places were out of them. Ended up getting the flags that stick out the car windows to use for table decor. Well anyway let's hope for better results for both teams in the future.

VioletSky said...

I have noticed that the sound guys seemed to have made some adjustments to the levels - the first day you couldn't hear much of the play by play!
There were some great (not so tongue in cheek) articles in the newspaper with suggestions of how to annoy FIFA to get them to ban them.