"We never need to forget 9/11. Keeping these 9/11 remembrance quotes near to our hearts is important. We should not allow this fateful day to slip from our memory. In the words of Former President George W. Bush: "These acts shattered steel, but they cannot dent the steel of America's resolve."

Like many, we are spending our day in quiet remembrance of victims and heroes.


Sherri said...

We are spending our day quietly also. God Bless America!

Linda Reeder said...

We are spending our day living our life, just being normal. That's something to celebrate after the decade we've had.

Pat said...

I hope, like the rallying cry of December 7, 1941, "Don't forget Pearl Harbor," our rallying cry for many years to come will be "Don't forget 9-11." Let freedom ring!

Sherms said...

I'll ego Sherri: God Bless America xx