Lost in translation!

So the other day I had to get hold of a parent after her child puked. I tried calling her to no avail and the child informed me she was now working nights.

So I reverted to the next contact his aunt, also a parent at the school, this was our conversation (names changed for privacy).

Me: "Hi Jo, I have been trying to get hold of Ann because John has been sick and we need him picked up. As you're the next contact and I can't get her, I am calling you"

Jo: "Ok no problem"

Me: "Would you mind coming for him, or do you think you could send someone around to knock Ann up"

Dead silence for about 5 seconds, whilst we both absorbed what I'd said.

Me: "Oh my gosh Jo that's not what I mean't, that has a whole different meaning in England!"

Jo: Trying to speak through laughter "omg don't worry I knew you didn't mean that"

Me: "I am so sorry" also laughing

Jo: "Oh no you just made my day, I'll send Jim to get him"

Me: Bright red with mortification!!


Anonymous said...


Daryl said...

I am glad I put down my hot cuppa .. or it woulda been all over the keyboard ..

Expat mum said...

Ha ha. Well, you probably know that my mother said that to my husband when we were first married. She still blushes bright red when reminded of it( which is often.)

Sherri said...

Well Sarah you gave me a chuckle for the day!!

Gaelyn said...

Good one.

Oz Girl said...

Hysterical Sarah.... how I miss reading your funny posts about some of the English idioms you use here in the States - I don't get around to visit everyone like I used to. :-(

Hope you and hubby are both doing well!!!

Star said...

Yes I can see how funny that would sound over here. Never a day goes by when I don't put my foot in it with my husband.??

Vickie said...

Sarah: I think I've told you this before, but here it is again. When I was first stationed at RAF Lakenheath, all newbies had to go through a class of English sayings so we wouldn't have heart failure hearing about knocking someone up or rubbers or fags.

Kay said...

Oh my! This is so funny! I'm sure you made her day.

Lynn said...

An oldie but still a goodie.